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Grand Opening of New Library

Cottonwood Community Library

3427 Main Street

North of Saint Anne's Church

Cottonwood Library

Remembering Jackie Doll
beloved librarian

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Library hours
11 - 5
11 - 5
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10 - 2

thank god I'm a country boy A Project We All Can Root For !

August 4, 2007 - grand opening. Community teamwork finally bears fruit with the official opening of our library.

2005: Anderson Valley Post headlined this week's paper with a report on our Cottonwood library's groundbreaking, Sept 6, 2005. Christy Martin of the Post wrote of this major milestone in the ongoing effort on behalf of a Cottonwood Community Library.

1996 - A DREAM BEGINS. After closure of Cottonwood's County Branch Library in 1985, our town was without a library. Finally, Dr. Reifert and his wife Mary donated his retirement gifts as seed money for a future community library, to be built on the land given by Dr. Reifert between his former medical office and Saint Anne's Church.
2001 - FIRST GRANT RECEIVED. The library received its first significant grant award. The Families First Commission granted a total of $109,000 earmarked for the Literacy Program to be run by the library. Also sharing the grant will be other community efforts -- the Community Park (for a playground) and the Head Start Program. Thanks to the folks who shepherded the Grant Proposal -- successfully!!
2002 - ARCHITECTURAL PLANS PROVIDED. Tom Semingson donated the architectural engineering plans for the library and have assisted in other ways as well. Tom and his wife Judy did so much. The plans were submitted, and county permits approved.
2005 - GROUNDBREAKING EVENT. Official ceremony, as reported in Christy Martin's headline story - Sept 6, 2005. As of this article, roughly $75,000 of the original goal of $400,000 has been raised.
2007 - GRAND OPENING (August 4). This is the milestone that so many have worked so hard to achieve. We honor the teamwork of so many, but we especially honor the leadership and dogged perserverence of those with the vision to push this to completion!

HELP FROM SO MANY Just a word of thanks to the many many local citizens and businesses (and some from far away) who chipped in -- in countless different ways, with either money, or books, or fund-raising, or labor, or solicitation time, or your word of mouth. Special appreciation goes to our local news outlets, Christy Martin (Editor of the Valley Post), the Record-Searchlight, and the Country Connection, among others, for the spotlight you have given to us.

LASTLY a big thank you to all of you, however you are helping, encouraging, donating, (working up a sweat?) ..... or helping spread the word along the grapevine. �Gracias a todos! (We WERE at 3286 Main Street.)

R-S Editorial boost (getting going 2001)

"A can-do attitude puts Cottonwood on road to success"

Cottonwood residents are a determined bunch. They want a top-notch park and a first-rate community library, and they're not about to let anything stand in the way.

They figure the best way to achieve their goals is to unite fund-raising efforts, which was done Saturday at a St. Patrick's Day party. Money raised from the Irish stew dinner and raffle will go toward park improvements and library construction.

Instead of fierce competition that might fracture the small community, Cottonwood fund-raisers prefer to share the wealth. What a concept! Egos go by the wayside and the good of the community comes first.

This same spirit of cooperation will extend later this spring when the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce and library supporters will split the proceeds from barbecues held during the annual rodeo, said Renee Ashe, president of the board of directors for the Cottonwood Community Library.

Backers of the two endeavors aren't discouraged by their lofty fund-raising goals. Park volunteers have raised about $40,000 toward their ultimate $400,000 goal to pay for road paving, landscaping and fixing up play areas next to the town's community center and Little League fields. Proponents of the Cottonwood Community Library have accumulated about $50,000 and have a target of collecting $200,000 more to put up a building on Main Street.

"We have a lot of support and we have a lot of irons in the fire. You hope one of them gets real hot," Ashe said. The groups want to pursue grants and other money sources to help them achieve their dreams. An unnamed, relatively new organization of Cottonwood boosters, a sort of advisory committee, has been meeting to drum up support for projects, park advocate Roleen Lack said.

It's evident that residents pushing the library and park expansion have a lot of pride and are volunteering their time for the greater good. Living in a small community, they realize there's a limit to how many times they can ask their neighbors to donate. People who buy tickets for a dinner or raffle get the feeling they're helping the whole community instead of a solo project. By working together, Cottonwood has a chance to go far.

Record Searchlight EDITORIAL Thursday, 22 March 2001


Can You Help?

Neighbors, patrons, supporters!! Look how far we've come, together. But we still need more help. To help out call: area code 530
tel 347-4751 - Renee Ashe . . . . . . tel 347-4618 - Mary O'Keefe

tel 347-4818 - Library . . . . . tel 347-6800 - Chamber of Commerce

DONATE BY MAIL : Box 1807, Cottonwood CA 96022

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