Web Page for od28-6
 the Marathon 2/Infinity-based engine

Blake once noted:
  Durandal convinced us that this old
  computer is our only link to the lost S'pht
  clan, and that bringing back the lost clan
  to fight against the Pfhor was our only
  chance of stalling their invasion of Sol.



 Windows 64-bit / 32-bit builds and source code: version 0.9b3.  Includes dump_specs and sounds_compile command line executables.

 The last Classic Mac build, version 0.9a11, and source code (no documentation).
Or version 0.4.5a4 for some limited documentation
(you’ll get more information scanning the source files individually)

 v0.9a10 tools (M68K binary, OS 7-9 compatible)
Includes: compile_wadfile.app — equivalent to Forge’s Merge; the shapes compiler—improved M1 imports, can produce M2+ files compatible w. Anvil; the shapes decompiler; dump_specs (for everything Marathon-related); sounds_compile v0.6+ does all sounds.

 The Custom Shapes File for this project (rev.2013.01.09)
Many water and lava collection bitmaps upscaled to 256x256, hand-edited.  Comes with all usable M1 collections - plus gorlinsk’s Enter the Marines collection.

 Import of The original Marathon scenario with music (rev.2016.09.07); also, Trojan (rev.2016.04.30).

Finally, the near-full version history.

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