= Background Modes =


 To make it more real, background modes were added. Real frequencies with predefined activity field make it more like in real RX, totally
some 8000 fone and radiotelex signals on historical freqs (mainly from in current version, following can be heard:

  • Background (band) noise (QRN)
  • Fone (radiocommunication both SSB and AM)
  • Radiotelex (few shifts and speeds)
  • FAX
  • SITOR like rtlx
  • SITOR markers (with CW identification)
  • High speed data transfer (special modes)
  • Broadcasting (N0N)
  • Radars
  • 2182 kHz Auto Alarm (off air)
  • Undefined QRM (industrial type)
  • Random tuning (2 types)
  • Audio clips with real audio samples

  •  etc...

     Old AM fone radiocommunication is assumed here to be hear the same as SSB, and its little bit oversimplification. N0N tone is used
    for broadcasting AM simulation only, while 'cacophony of sound' for radiocommunication fone only.
    All Background Modes can be switched off by BGND button if QRM is too heavy to copy CW traffic.

    Version 4.28 info

     Unfortunately while shifting from DOS version to windows some features still are "off air". This include 2182 autoalarm and SITOR.
    I'll will restore it in near futere. In DOS Tlx, fax, sitor and radar were generated by algorithm, now audio samples are used.

    Audio clips

     In Windows version Audio Clips were first introduced as background. I took it from with kind permission of
    Rainer Brannolte. It is option for users.

     For techninical reasons I renamed all files to shorter names, but MP3 tags are left original. At the moment all clips are in
    crude version since its was recorded by many authors, it is recorded at different audio levels and sampling, what sounds little bit
    strange. I planning remaster all clips to equalize sound, little bit attenuate it, and to reduce bandwith to 2-2.5 KHz just to make
    impression it is all heard from one Receiver...

     BTW: I was also thought about adding interleaving signals of AM stations, which could be found somewhere in the internet, but not
    sure how about copyright rights matters.

     According to information found on audio clips names and tags it is property of following persons:

  • Rainer Brannolte
  • Dan Greenall
  • Rudolf P. Groeger
  • Tony Paredes
  • Willi Passmann/DJ6JZ
  • Patric Robic
  • Hajo Russow

  • Audio clips ver. 4.29 statistics:

     Currently 326 audio clips are used on 2900 frequencies with various time constraints. Highest time constraint is 50%.
    Some higher HF bands were typical PTP radiotelephone bands, and these are almost crowded. When QRM is too heavy clips can be switched off by both
    CLIP or BGND button.

    RX010-1000 kHz0
    RX11-10 MHz1000
    RX1010-30 MHz1900
    TOTAL1-30 MHz2900

    Special case is 2182 kHz where another clip is played each 1 or 2 minutes (exluding silence periods).


     If you have any interesting recordings of professional stations you can submit them to RARS. Please contact via: h f 8 v @ i n t e r i a . p l
    I'm most interested in old tube RX recordings even if quality is no good and I can attach them to RARS if it will be found suitable.
    Also if you have recordings of Radiotelegraphic stations I'm eager to hear them, transcribe and put text into RARS.