Radiotelegraphy since 1920s till today

= What is Red Army Radiotelegraph Simulator ? =

 RARS is Simulator of all Radiocommunication Services which ever used Radiotelegraphy in the past, written as realistic as possible, on real logged signals or archival
documents, real working procedures, radiotelegrams, broadcasts, skeds, etc... When there is no sufficient historical documents, traffic is also created by me on the basis
how it could be done. RARS is huge and neverending project and I'm still finding new documents and still adding new traffic, skeds and simulations, so you should check
frequently if new version is available to download (currently I'm uploading new version every few months).

= Project history =

  I started this project as small DOS simulator of Red Army networks about 10 years ago. Other stations were added as 'background'. Previously I also had written Maritime
Traffic Simulator and Marine Traffic Generator about Maritime Radiotelegraphy and later these projects were merged. It is really great fun for me to recreate things like Uboots
or anything else again on the Air! Radio bands were fascinating and full of signals in the past, RARS is just an attempt to simulate this in digital way.

= Documentation =

Documentation page is still under development, but it is already huge source of informations about radio traffic in RARS and History of Radiotelegraphy.

= RARS Control Panel =

= Download =

Please make sure if you have latest version of RARS, because many things changing... See version last 3 digits (build number).
Last update: February 2023

All radio spectrum is divided by 3 Receivers:

RX0 10 - 1000 kHz RX0.exe In 'ancient' times VLF, LF and MF bands were full of signals. You will hear all traffic regardless of propagation.
RX1 1 - 10 MHz RX1.exe High MF plus low HF, the heaviest traffic is here.
RX10 10 - 30 MHz RX10.exe High HF was used for long range communication.
FONE 1 - 30 MHz Additional background resources: 321 audio clips of background stations in fone, tlx,fax, radars, etc. These audio clips were taken from
and are property of its authors (see MP3 tags). You need to unzip this zip file into the same directory where RARS is run. This is optional, program will run without it.
File size: 51.3 MB

PLS NOTE: There's no automatic installer, you must copy all files to new directory and unzip resources file, optionally create shortcuts.

= Your help appreciated =

 If you have access to rare historical documents about Radiotelegraphy in your country and you can share it, or as a radiooperator of proffesional services you can add something
valuable to RARS please do not hasistate to contact me. A lot of small details about real Radiotelegraphy can be preserved in this way, otherwise it will be lost.
Please also see my looking for page.

= Acknowledgements =

 I would like to say 'thank you' for those who helped me write this program, answering specialistic questions and problems. Many of them has knowledge from 'first hand'
operating these stations, sailing submarines, operating coast, polar or vessel stations, etc. It was really my pleasure to correspond with them.
In some cases we corresponded on Radiotelegraphy many years ago... For full list please see Credit Page.

= Audio clips =

 Audio clips for background stations were taken from and these files are property of its authors. For more information please see: Background Stations

= Statistics =

 According to my last statistics (ver. 4.29.x.x) there is over 28000 radiosignals 'on the air' (not counting ship, amateur and broadcasting bands), some 20000 are pure
radiotelegraphic traffic and the rest are 'background signals'. There is almost 12000 fixed callsigns on the air. Source files counts 51674 lines.

= Bugs =

 Some small bugs can still happen, since there is huge traffic and hundreds of algorithms used to simulate many functions. You can report it and I will try to fix it.
Since there is 33500 traffic channels and skeds can be as small as 5 minutes a month it can take years to find some stations. Thus, this program is very difficult for
debugging in some cases.

= Disclaimer =

 I take no responsibility for any damages which this program can do to your computer, you are running this on your own responsibility. Althougth, according to my best
knowledge it is safe. There is no any kind of spyware or commercials. This program will never try to connect to internet.

= Conclusions =

 I believe this program can help preserve Radiotelegraphic history and Traditions.

= Contact =

 For contact please use this mail: h f 8 v (a t) i n t e r i a. p l