= Credits =

 I would like to say 'Thank You' for those who helped me write this program, answering specialistic questions and problems. Many of them has knowledge
from 'first hand' operating these stations, sailing submarines, operating coast, polar or vessel stations, etc. It was really my pleasure to correspond with them.
I hope nobody was forget, because research time was rather long (some 10 years). In some cases we corresponded on Radiotelegraphy many years ago...

  • Franco Barros/PY1EPU
  • Hans Brakob/K0HB (USN)
  • Rainer Brannolte
  • Myffanwy Bryant (Australian National Maritime Museum)
  • Alfredo Cristofaro/IK6IJF (Italian Merchant Fleet)
  • Vasiliy Dimitrov/LZ1KD (Bulgarian Merchant Fleet)
  • Geoffrey Dykes (RN)
  • Nick England/N4KYW (USN)
  • Nikolay Fedorov/UA3WFN (USSR Polar Station)
  • Frank W. Fischer (ANSA)
  • Malcolm Hancock
  • Konstantin Krivorotko/US1QF (USSR Fishing Fleet)
  • Alberto Mattei/IT9MRM
  • Linda Moffatt (Australian National Maritime Museum)
  • Alexandr Novikov/RA2FJ (USSR Merchant Fleet)
  • Lino Pappalardo/IZ0DDD
  • Paulina Petri/OE1YPP
  • Jerry Proc/VE3FAB
  • Spud Roscoe/VE1BC (Canadian Merchant Fleet/Coast Station)
  • Jerzy Stopa/SP6SO
  • Christos T.
  • Lauren Theodore
  • Dave Wright/K3DCW

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