Since there is currently more than 28000 radiosignals in RARS it is impossible to document everything, these files are taken almost directly from my "production"
documentation. I have not enough time to make complete documentation. It's a huge project, source code is currently over 50000 lines, but Receivers are very small.
Radiotelegraphy was very efficient form of communication. I can only describe some more interesting transmissions to describe what services have been used in
Radiotelegraphy and how. I think it is interesting from historical point of view because a lot of working procedures are completely forgotten today.

= General =

RARS Fixed Callsigns List - almost 12 000 callsigns on the Air!
Radiotelegrams used in RARS
Radiotelegrams examples
Message Formats
Characters and Alphabets
Abbraviations used in Radiotelegraphy
Abbraviations used in RARS documentation
Q Codes used in RARS
Z Codes used in RARS
X Codes used in RARS
Evans Code
Background Modes
Looking for ...
Links to 3 Element OWLS Callsigns
Radio Stations by Callsign (3 Element)

= Radiocommunication Services =

Maritime Traffic (M)

Maritime Stations - general (in polish - not completed yet)
Coastal Stations
Traffic Lists
Weather and Navigational Broadcasts
Main Vessel Database (with links to google search machine)
500 kHz Simulation
LF Band Simulation
Real Distress Traffic
Russian Space Program Tracking Ships
Great Lakes Communication System
Ocean Stations
Coastal Radio Videos
Vessel Radio Videos

Naval Traffic (N)

Naval Stations
NATO Broadcasts
Royal Navy
Red Navy
Kriegsmarine (2WW)
Polish Navy
Portuguese Navy
Royal Canadian Navy
Taiwan Navy
Thai Navy
Turkish Navy
Naval Radio Videos

Civil Aviation (L)

Aero Stations
Aero message example
Aircrafts on the air
Australian Aero
Aero Distress Traffic
Nazi Germany Aero location Codes
Aeronatical Stations in Norway in 1943

Air Force (F)

Radiotelegraphy in Air Force
VVS - Voyenno Vozdushnye Sily
Luftwaffe (pol/eng)
Luftwaffe Radio Stations by Callsign
Luftwaffe Am See (German Flying Boats)
Polish Air Force (1935)
Polish Air Force Radiotelegraph Procedure (1935, polish)
RAAF Wireless Reserve

Military Traffic (A)

Radiotelegraphy in the Army
Military Networks
How to analyse military traffic in RARS
Message Formats
Red Army
Original PT-35 Table
NKVD Callbook
US Army (including War Department Radio Network)
Wehrmacht Radio Stations by Callsign
British Army
Katokana - Japanese Military Traffic
Japanese Military Traffic 2 (Undefined)
Polish Army
Hungarian Army
Mexican Army
Swiss Army
Undefined Military DF Net
Dutch Civil Defence

Telecommunication (PTT) Traffic (P)

Telecommunication: PTT Stations - english version
Telekomunikacja (Stacje pocztowe i komercyjne) - polish version
Telecommunication Links Simulation Page
British Wireless Beam Chain: GBH-GBI-GBJ-GBK-CFA-CGA-VNB-VIZ-VYZ-VWZ
Australian Network - map
RCA - map, 1945
McKay Radio and Telegraph Co.
McKay - map, 1945
Direct Radiotelegraph Circuits from the united States, 1943 - map
Globe Wireless - map, 1945
Press Wireless - map, 1945
South Porto Rico Sugar Co. - map, 1945
Tropical Radio Telegraph - map, 1945
United States-Liberia Co. - map, 1945
Great Britain Radio System, 1942 - map
Direct Radiotelegraph Circuits from Great Britain 1939 - map
FCC statistics, 6-28 MHz, 1931
FCC statistics, 10-1500 kHz, 1931
How this look inside: C&W St. Helena
Tropical Radio Telegraph Company (United Fruits Company)
French Network
Yemen (Aden under British occupation)
PTT Videos

Diplomatic Service (D)

Specific of Diplo Traffic
Polish Government in Exile in London (2WW)
USSR Diplo (planning)

Press Broadcasts (S)

Press Broadcasts
Philips Code examples used in RARS
British Official Wireless

Radiotelegraphy in Meteorology (O)

Radiotelegraphy in Meteorology
Weather and Navigational Broadcasts
Meteo Codes
New Meteo Codes (FM)
Ocean Stations
Meteorology links

Radiotelegraphy in the Arctic and Antarctic (C)

Historia pierwszej łączności między biegunami - Ernst Krenkiel/RAEM
Yuzhnyy Kontinent (Southern Continent) - documentary about Mirnyy Polar Radio (with real traffic examples)

Amateur Radio (H)

Amateur Radio Service
Amateur Radio Stations main database
NTS - National Traffic System (ARRL)
AARS - Army Amateur Radio System
'Seeteufel' D4JAX on ther Air - Nazi Propaganda in Amateur Radio
Radio Amateur Efemerides
RAAF Wireless Reserve
SPK Contest - Polish Clubstations Contest

Intel (Spy) Traffic (I)

Intel/Spy Stations specific
SOE - British Special Operation Executive 2WW period
Decodable messages
OTP - One Time Pad messages

Police/MOI Networks (J)

Police/MOI Networks

Time and Frequency Standard Stations (T)

Time and Frequency Standard Stations
PPR, PPE old procedure (1941)
EBY procedure
LOL procedure

Gonio Service (G)

Gonio Stations

Radionavigational Aids (V)


Pirate/unlicenced Traffic (V)

VIT on 7150 kHz

Other (Z)

Live Stock Broadcasts
Alaska Packers Association
Alaska Packers Association - table
Fishnet Buoys