= Wehrmacht Radio Stations by Callsign =

All numbered networks are assumed tactical net callsigns. Both defined and undefined. In reality such callsigns were changed in some period (but net frequency was still the same).
Not numbered are logged callsigns.
Currently 634 callsigns are used by Wehrmacht networks.
For more info see: Wehmacht File

1AFWehrmacht_net_50, 34th Infantry Division, 80 Grenadiers Regiment
1EIWehrmacht_net_21 STN-6
1JUWehrmacht_net_22, 218th Infantry Division, 397 Infantry Regiment (mot)
1LGWehrmacht_net_19 STN-4
1P!Wehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division, 319 Infantry Regiment
1QUWehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
1TZWehrmacht_net_20 STN-3
1WMWehrmacht_net_36 STN-2
1Z!Wehrmacht_net_71 STN-1
2LOWehrmacht_net_63, 12th Infantry Division, 27 Infantry Regiment
2R$Wehrmacht_net_04 STN-4
2XPWehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division, 140 pułk strzelców górskich (Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 140)
32VWehrmacht_net_55, 23rd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
3E2Wehrmacht_net_74, 1st Mountain Division, 54 Pioneer Batalion
3HXWehrmacht_net_73, 153rd Infantry Division, 717 Grenadiers Regiment
3RXWehrmacht_net_70 STN-2
3T$Wehrmacht_net_42 STN-4
3WFWehrmacht_net_35, 22nd Infantry Division, 22nd Artillery Regiment
3!YWehrmacht_net_09, 205th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
4FQWehrmacht_net_16 STN-4
4PXWehrmacht_net_09, 205th Infantry Division, 335 Infantry Regiment
4R$Wehrmacht_net_75 STN-3
4UWWehrmacht_net_76 STN-7
4VOWehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division, 229 Artillery Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_12 STN-4
56ZWehrmacht_net_09, 205th Infantry Division, 205 Artillery Regiment
5BCWehrmacht_net_11 STN-2
5ICWehrmacht_net_51, 1st Infantry Division, 22 Fisieliers Regiment
5LSWehrmacht_2nd_Corps, 3 Infantry Division
5NEWehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division, 134 Artillery Regiment
5QCWehrmacht_net_56 HQ
5UQWehrmacht_net_65, 17th Infantry Division HQ
5Y$Wehrmacht_net_62, 73rd Infantry Division HQ
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_37 STN-5
6AXWehrmacht_net_49, 44th Infantry Division, 96 Artillery Regiment
6BIWehrmacht_3rd_Corps, Artillery Command
6DYWehrmacht_net_72, 18th Infantry Division HQ
6EAWehrmacht_net_48 STN-3
6XEWehrmacht_net_37 STN-1
6Z!Wehrmacht_net_28, 102nd Infantry Division (Silesian) COLLECTIVE
7F$Wehrmacht_net_76 STN-5
7KEWehrmacht_19th_Corps, 3 Armored Division
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_33 STN-2
8DFWehrmacht_net_69 STN-1
8JRWehrmacht_net_64 STN-5
8YSWehrmacht_net_49, 44th Infantry Division, 132 Infantry Regiment
9ADWehrmacht_net_23 HQ
9SXWehrmacht_net_78 STN-5
9X$Wehrmacht_net_41, 14th Infantry Division HQ
A3QWehrmacht_net_11 STN-6
A3$Wehrmacht_net_34 STN-2
ABGWehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
ABMWehrmacht_net_35, 22nd Infantry Division, 47 Grenadiers Regiment
ACFWehrmacht_net_04 HQ
AC!Wehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division, 234 Pioneer Battalion
ADHWehrmacht_net_70 STN-4
AFMWehrmacht_net_62, 73rd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
AF$Wehrmacht_net_21 STN-5
AIDWehrmacht_net_71 STN-2
AJXWehrmacht_net_33 HQ
AJZWehrmacht_net_64 STN-7
AKMWehrmacht_net_06 STN-6
AMDWehrmacht_net_12 STN-6
ANCWehrmacht_net_42 STN-5
ANFWehrmacht_net_28, 102nd Infantry Division (Silesian) HQ
ANKWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division HQ
ANWWehrmacht_net_08 STN-1
AOAWehrmacht_net_31 STN-2
APNWehrmacht_net_64 HQ
AQBWehrmacht_net_31 STN-6
ASLWehrmacht_net_46, 24h Infantry Division, I/60 Heavy Artillery Division
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_03, 88th Infantry Division, 246 Grenadiers Regiment
ATZWehrmacht_net_06 HQ
AT$Wehrmacht_net_74, 1st Mountain Division HQ
AVEWehrmacht_net_24 STN-2
AWGWehrmacht_net_78 STN-7
AWJWehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division, 231 Artillery Regiment
AW!Wehrmacht_net_63, 12th Infantry Division HQ
AXFWehrmacht_net_71 HQ
AXGWehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division, 231 Pioneer Battalion
AYNWehrmacht_net_76 STN-1
AZFWehrmacht_net_73, 153rd Infantry Division, 153 Artillery Regiment
AZMWehrmacht_net_16 STN-3
AZNWehrmacht_net_02, 20th Infantry Division, 90 Infantry Regiment (mot)
A!SWehrmacht_net_55, 23rd Infantry Division, 68 Fisieliers Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_19 COLLECTIVE
B3ZWehrmacht_net_03, 88th Infantry Division, 245 Grenadiers Regiment
B5!Wehrmacht_net_43, 11th Infantry Division, 2 Grenadiers Regiment
B9TWehrmacht_net_26, 25th Infantry Division. 13 Infantry Regiment
BAHWehrmacht_net_09, 205th Infantry Division, 353 Infantry Regiment
BDVWehrmacht_net_26, 25th Infantry Division. 35 Infantry Regiment
BFOWehrmacht_net_44, 56th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
BFSWehrmacht_net_13, 6th Infantry Division, 18 Grenadiers Regiment
BGNWehrmacht_net_36 STN-5
BHKWehrmacht_net_16 STN-2
BHWWehrmacht_net_36 STN-1
BJGWehrmacht_net_05, 94th Infantry Division, 276 Grenadiers Regiment
BKOWehrmacht_net_11 STN-7
BLSWehrmacht_net_37 STN-4
BNMWehrmacht_net_51, 1st Infantry Division HQ
BORWehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division, 324 Infantry Regiment
BOWWehrmacht_net_15, 39th Infantry Divison COLLECTIVE
BPCWehrmacht_net_76 HQ
BQMWehrmacht_net_32, 8 Infantry Division HQ
BQZWehrmacht_net_56 STN-5
BRNWehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division, 111 pułk artylerii górskiej (Gebirgs-Artillerie-Regiment 111)
BRQWehrmacht_net_66, 60th Infantry Division, 243 Infantry Regiment
BSDWehrmacht_net_49, 44th Infantry Division HQ, Vienna
BSPWehrmacht_net_77 STN-2
BSYWehrmacht_net_41, 14th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
BUAWehrmacht_net_25 STN-7
BUSWehrmacht_net_48 COLLECTIVE
B!HWehrmacht_net_23 STN-6
B$CWehrmacht_net_23 STN-3
B$DWehrmacht_net_12 COLLECTIVE
B$HWehrmacht_net_50, 34th Infantry Division, 107 Grenadiers Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division, 136 pułk strzelców górskich (Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 136)
CA7Wehrmacht_net_22, 218th Infantry Division, 386 Infantry Regiment (mot)
CDUWehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division, 310 Infantry Regiment
CGDWehrmacht_net_04 STN-1
CHLWehrmacht_net_77 HQ
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_59, 41 Festungs Division COLLECTIVE
CL!Wehrmacht_net_27, 15th Infantry Division HQ
CMNWehrmacht_net_31 STN-3
CNEWehrmacht_net_72, 18th Infantry Division, 51 Infantry Regiment
CS$Wehrmacht_net_47 STN-6
CUFWehrmacht_net_62, 73rd Infantry Division, 213 Infantry Regiment
CVUWehrmacht_net_20 STN-1
CXQWehrmacht_net_09, 205th Infantry Division HQ
CYEWehrmacht_net_18, 19th Infantry Division, 59 Infantry Regiment
CZFWehrmacht_net_70 HQ
C!NWehrmacht_net_42 HQ
C!PWehrmacht_net_28, 102nd Infantry Division (Silesian), 84 Infantry Regiment
C!XWehrmacht_net_06 STN-5
C!YWehrmacht_net_07, 9th Infantry Division HQ
DM!Wehrmacht_net_05, 94th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_27, 15th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
D!OWehrmacht_net_02, 20th Infantry Division HQ
D$NWehrmacht_net_61 STN-3
D$QWehrmacht_net_14 STN-4
EBWWehrmacht_net_50, 34th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
ECHWehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division, 137 pułk strzelców górskich (Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 137)
EDXWehrmacht_net_35, 22nd Infantry Division, 16 Grenadiers Regiment
EIWWehrmacht_net_43, 11th Infantry Division, 23 Grenadiers Regiment
EKYWehrmacht_net_60, 3rd Infantry Division HQ
EM4Wehrmacht_net_58 STN-2
EOCWehrmacht_net_76 STN-6
EPQWehrmacht_net_71 STN-6
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_69 STN-3
EVUWehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division, 252 Pioneer Battalion
E!CWehrmacht_net_04 STN-3
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_06 STN-4
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_29 STN-5
F2QWehrmacht_net_27, 15th Infantry Division, 15 Artillery Regiment
F7$Wehrmacht_net_25 STN-6
FASWehrmacht_net_78 STN-6
FA!Wehrmacht_net_64 STN-1
FBUWehrmacht_net_29 STN-7
FCPWehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division, 222 Antitank Battalion
FDXWehrmacht_net_03, 88th Infantry Division, 248 Grenadiers Regiment
FGIWehrmacht_net_69 STN-6
FGSWehrmacht_net_42 STN-2
FHFWehrmacht_net_47 STN-5
FHWWehrmacht_net_67, 21st Infantry Division, 21 Artillery Regiment
FMQWehrmacht_3rd_Corps COLLECTIVE
FMRWehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division, 321 Infantry Regiment
FOVWehrmacht_net_43, 11th Infantry Division HQ
FR1Wehrmacht_net_50, 34th Infantry Division HQ
FTNWehrmacht_net_40 STN-6
FT$Wehrmacht_net_20 COLLECTIVE
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division, 231 Antitank Battalion
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_07, 9th Infantry Division, 57 Infantry Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_34 HQ
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_04 STN-7
G2!Wehrmacht_net_77 STN-1
G5VWehrmacht_19th_Corps, 2 Infantry Division
GBEWehrmacht_net_02, 20th Infantry Division, 69 Infantry Regiment (mot)
GDIWehrmacht_net_64 STN-3
GEAWehrmacht_net_59, 41 Festungs Division HQ
GEFWehrmacht_net_23 STN-5
GF$Wehrmacht_net_03, 88th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
GHDWehrmacht_net_28, 102nd Infantry Division (Silesian), 232 Infantry Regiment
GHXWehrmacht_net_67, 21st Infantry Division HQ
GIOWehrmacht_net_44, 56th Infantry Division, 156 Artilery Regiment
GLIWehrmacht_net_69 STN-5
GM!Wehrmacht_net_21 STN-4
GNBWehrmacht_net_71 STN-4
GN!Wehrmacht_net_05, 94th Infantry Division HQ
GPUWehrmacht_net_10 STN-2
GTCWehrmacht_net_61 STN-7
GTHWehrmacht_net_14 HQ
GVJWehrmacht_net_16 STN-7
GV!Wehrmacht_net_10 STN-6
GWGWehrmacht_net_42 STN-7
GY7Wehrmacht_net_40 STN-3
G$LWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 366 Infantry Regiment
H43Wehrmacht_net_18, 19th Infantry Division, 74 Infantry Regiment
HA$Wehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
HBFWehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division COLLECTIVE
HCNWehrmacht_net_07, 9th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
HDIWehrmacht_19th_Corps, 10 Armored Division
HEWWehrmacht_net_19 STN-2
HGEWehrmacht_net_61 HQ
HGKWehrmacht_net_40 STN-1
HINWehrmacht_net_34 COLLECTIVE
HJGWehrmacht_net_68 STN-5
HMJWehrmacht_net_16 STN-1
HMKWehrmacht_net_47 STN-7
HNAWehrmacht_net_34 STN-1
HNHWehrmacht_net_42 STN-3
HO!Wehrmacht_net_46, 24h Infantry Division, 31 Infantry Regiment
HPOWehrmacht_net_65, 17th Infantry Division, 55 Infantry Regiment
HPWWehrmacht_net_51, 1st Infantry Division, 43 Infantry Regiment
HQ!Wehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division, 472 Grenadiers Regiment
HTMWehrmacht_net_63, 12th Infantry Division, 12 Artillery Regiment
HWEWehrmacht_net_59, 41 Festungs Division, 919 Coast Artillery Regiment
HW$Wehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division, 446 Infantry Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_58 STN-6
HYGWehrmacht_net_70 COLLECTIVE
HZRWehrmacht_net_15, 39th Infantry Divison, 139 Artillery Regiment
H$DWehrmacht_net_37 HQ
H$!Wehrmacht_net_66, 60th Infantry Division, 92 Infantry Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division, 234 Artillery Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_04 STN-2
IGCWehrmacht_net_70 STN-6
IJDWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 227 Pioneer Battalion
IKCWehrmacht_net_25 STN-1
ILMWehrmacht_net_60, 3rd Infantry Division, 8 Infantry Regiment, Frankfurt n/O
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_23 COLLECTIVE
IODWehrmacht_net_34 STN-5
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_48 STN-2
IVFWehrmacht_net_35, 22nd Infantry Division, 65 Grenadiers Regiment
I!AWehrmacht_net_56 STN-2
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_33 COLLECTIVE
J9MWehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division, 252 Fisieliers Regiment
JAGWehrmacht_net_68 COLLECTIVE
JF$Wehrmacht_net_12 STN-2
JGLWehrmacht_net_74, 1st Mountain Division, 44 Antitank Battalion
JIWWehrmacht_net_30, 121st Infantry Divison, 407 Infantry Regiment
JKJWehrmacht_net_23 STN-7
JLWWehrmacht_net_58 STN-4
JRLWehrmacht_net_56 STN-1
JTHWehrmacht_net_56 STN-4
JWDWehrmacht_net_36 STN-3
JZ!Wehrmacht_net_21 HQ
KAGWehrmacht_net_25 STN-3
KBFWehrmacht_net_65, 17th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
KBQWehrmacht_net_31 STN-7
KCIWehrmacht_net_68 HQ
KCQWehrmacht_net_16 HQ
KCXWehrmacht_net_31 HQ
KDAWehrmacht_net_11 HQ
KEYWehrmacht_net_07, 9th Infantry Division, 9 Artillery Regiment
KG3Wehrmacht_net_17 STN-5
KIMWehrmacht_net_51, 1st Infantry Division, 1 Infantry Regiment
KIYWehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division, 229 Pioneer Battalion
KI!Wehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
KJMWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 366 Infantry Regiment COLLECTIVE
KJTWehrmacht_net_20 STN-2
KLMWehrmacht_net_50, 34th Infantry Division, 253 Grenadiers Regiment
KMUWehrmacht_net_75 COLLECTIVE
KNCWehrmacht_net_36 STN-6
KPBWehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
KQCWehrmacht_net_61 STN-5
KRNWehrmacht_net_59, 41 Festungs Division, 965 Festungs Regiment
KUBWehrmacht_net_71 COLLECTIVE
KUFWehrmacht_net_63, 12th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
KVMWehrmacht_net_47 STN-3
KV$Wehrmacht_net_18, 19th Infantry Division HQ
KWXWehrmacht_net_66, 60th Infantry Division, 244 Infantry Regiment
KXEWehrmacht_net_76 STN-4
KXGWehrmacht_net_60, 3rd Infantry Division, 3 Artillery Regiment, Frankfurt n/O
KXTWehrmacht_net_55, 23rd Infantry Division HQ
KYXWehrmacht_net_40 COLLECTIVE
KY$Wehrmacht_net_74, 1st Mountain Division, 99 Pułk Strzelców Górskich
KZLWehrmacht_net_78 HQ
KZSWehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division, 470 Infantry Regiment
K!ZWehrmacht_net_04 STN-6
K$CWehrmacht_net_15, 39th Infantry Divison, 114 Infantry Regiment
K$LWehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division HQ
L38Wehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division, 252 Artillery Regiment
L7PWehrmacht_net_02, 20th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
L7$Wehrmacht_net_47 HQ
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_42 STN-6
LBTWehrmacht_net_23 STN-4
LBYWehrmacht_net_19 HQ
LDAWehrmacht_net_77 STN-4
LDMWehrmacht_net_08 STN-2
LEFWehrmacht_net_59, 41 Festungs Division, 938 Festungs Regiment
LI!Wehrmacht_net_64 STN-6
LOIWehrmacht_net_37 STN-3
LPFWehrmacht_net_30, 121st Infantry Divison, 408 Infantry Regiment
LS3Wehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division, 82 Mountain Pioneer Battalion (Gebirgs-Pionier-Bataillon 82)
LS!Wehrmacht_net_45, 7th Infantry Division, 19 Infantry Regiment
LVTWehrmacht_net_70 STN-3
LXBWehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division, 359 Infantry Regiment
LXRWehrmacht_net_78 COLLECTIVE
LXZWehrmacht_net_04 STN-5
LZHWehrmacht_net_02, 20 th Infantry Division, 20 Artillery Regiment
L!GWehrmacht_net_69 STN-4
L!QWehrmacht_net_05, 94th Infantry Division, 194 Artillery regiment
L$PWehrmacht_net_17 STN-1
[email protected]!Wehrmacht_net_24 STN-6
MAKWehrmacht_19th_Corps, 2 Infantry Division
MBDWehrmacht_net_40 STN-7
MCOWehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division, 222 Artillery Regiment
MC!Wehrmacht_net_14 STN-1
MELWehrmacht_net_17 HQ
MGTWehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division, 260 Artillery Regiment
MKXWehrmacht_net_07, 9th Infantry Division, 116 Infantry Regiment
MOIWehrmacht_net_24 STN-1
MPHWehrmacht_net_18, 19th Infantry Division, 19 Artillery Regiment
MPWWehrmacht_net_43, 11th Infantry Division, 44 Grenadiers Regiment
MRAWehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division, 307 Infantry Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_68 STN-6
MWYWehrmacht_net_62, 73rd Infantry Division, 170 Infantry Regiment
MZOWehrmacht_net_06 STN-2
M!IWehrmacht_net_76 COLLECTIVE
M!XWehrmacht_net_51, 1st Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
N5KWehrmacht_net_29 STN-2
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_07, 9th Infantry Division, 36 Infantry Regiment
NAVWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 227 Antitank Battalion
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_24 STN-3
NDIWehrmacht_net_78 STN-2
[email protected]Wehrmacht_3rd_Corps, Netze Brigade
NEAWehrmacht_net_68 STN-2
NEBWehrmacht_net_32, 8 Infantry Division, 8 Artillery Regiment
NEUWehrmacht_net_67, 21st Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
NFLWehrmacht_net_51, 1st Infantry Division, 1 Artillery Regiment
NFWWehrmacht_net_29 STN-4
NG!Wehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division HQ
NJZWehrmacht_net_26, 25th Infantry Division HQ
NKLWehrmacht_2nd_Corps, COLLECTIVE
NLHWehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division, 231 Pioneer Battalion
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_14 COLLECTIVE
NPKWehrmacht_net_17 STN-4
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_32, 8 Infantry Division, 38 Infantry Regiment
NQPWehrmacht_net_27, 15th Infantry Division, 106 Infantry Regiment
NQWWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 277 Pioneer Battalion
NROWehrmacht_net_28, 102nd Infantry Division (Silesian), 233 Infantry Regiment
NSGWehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division, 222 Pioneer Battalion
NTIWehrmacht_net_62, 73rd Infantry Division, 173 Artillery Regiment
NXVWehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division HQ
NZCWehrmacht_net_13, 6th Infantry Division HQ
N!EWehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division, 67 górski dywizjon niszczycieli czołgów (Gebirgs-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 55)
N!SWehrmacht_net_73, 153rd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
N$DWehrmacht_net_43, 11th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
O3UWehrmacht_net_36 STN-4
OCWWehrmacht_net_47 STN-1
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
OD!Wehrmacht_net_06 COLLECTIVE
OHJWehrmacht_net_60, 3rd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
OHZWehrmacht_net_29 STN-3
OISWehrmacht_net_61 STN-6
OKXWehrmacht_net_21 STN-3
OLEWehrmacht_net_20 STN-7
ONSWehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division, 349 Infantry Regiment
OQSWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 412 Infantry Regiment
OUJWehrmacht_net_63, 12th Infantry Division, 48 Infantry Regiment
OVMWehrmacht_2nd_Corps, 32 Infantry Division
OVPWehrmacht_net_45, 7th Infantry Division, 62 Infantry Regiment
OXOWehrmacht_net_77 STN-6
OZAWehrmacht_net_27, 15th Infantry Division, 81 Infantry Regiment
OZCWehrmacht_net_33 STN-1
OZDWehrmacht_net_74, 1st Mountain Division COLLECTIVE
OZGWehrmacht_net_05, 94th Infantry Division, 274 Grenadiers Regiment
OZ$Wehrmacht_net_50, 34th Infantry Division, 34 Artillery Regiment
O!XWehrmacht_net_08 STN-6
[email protected]$Wehrmacht_net_10 STN-7
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_69 COLLECTIVE
P9RWehrmacht_19th_Corps COLLECTIVE
PAFWehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division HQ
PAPWehrmacht_net_31 STN-4
PCBWehrmacht_net_64 STN-4
PCIWehrmacht_net_29 HQ
PC$Wehrmacht_net_14 STN-2
PDRWehrmacht_net_21 STN-7
PELWehrmacht_net_16 STN-6
PEZWehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division HQ
PGAWehrmacht_net_69 STN-7
PGFWehrmacht_net_55, 23rd Infantry Division, 188th Artillery Regiment
PHYWehrmacht_net_47 COLLECTIVE
PIRWehrmacht_net_20 STN-4
PISWehrmacht_net_13, 6th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
PJMWehrmacht_net_10 COLLECTIVE
PMQWehrmacht_net_58 STN-7
PMVWehrmacht_net_11 STN-4
PNBWehrmacht_net_03, 88th Infantry Division, 188th Artillery Regiment
PNLWehrmacht_net_11 COLLECIVE
POXWehrmacht_net_56 STN-7
PQZWehrmacht_net_67, 21st Infantry Division, 3 Infantry Regiment (mot)
PSAWehrmacht_net_06 STN-1
PSEWehrmacht_net_46, 24h Infantry Division HQ
PSMWehrmacht_net_10 STN-3
PS!Wehrmacht_net_70 STN-7
PYYWehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
PZ3Wehrmacht_net_61 STN-2
PZKWehrmacht_net_33 STN-4
P!SWehrmacht_net_12 STN-3
P!XWehrmacht_net_36 HQ
R6UWehrmacht_net_08 STN-3
RBYWehrmacht_net_14 STN-7
RIQWehrmacht_net_75 STN-4
RLPWehrmacht_net_69 STN-2
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_58 STN-3
RQKWehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division, 260 Antitank Battalion
RSXWehrmacht_net_08 COLLECTIVE
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_46, 24h Infantry Division, 24 Artillery Regiment
RY5Wehrmacht_net_10 STN-1
RZKWehrmacht_net_37 COLLECTIVE
R$LWehrmacht_net_73, 153rd Infantry Division, 716 Grenadiers Regiment
S4TWehrmacht_net_05, 94th Infantry Division, 267 Grenadiers Regiment
S7$Wehrmacht_net_13, 6th Infantry Division, 37 Grenadiers Regiment
SAWWehrmacht_net_75 STN-1
SBKWehrmacht_net_45, 7th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
SBTWehrmacht_net_04 COLLECTIVE
SDGWehrmacht_net_11 STN-3
SE!Wehrmacht_net_29 COLLECTIVE
SF$Wehrmacht_net_58 STN-1
SICWehrmacht_net_09, 205th Infantry Division, 358 Infantry Regiment
SIWWehrmacht_net_58 COLLECTIVE
SIZWehrmacht_net_67, 21st Infantry Division, 45 Infantry Regiment (mot)
SLJWehrmacht_net_61 STN-4
SMCWehrmacht_net_32, 8 Infantry Division, 84 Infantry Regiment
SODWehrmacht_net_32, 8 Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
SPUWehrmacht_net_13, 6th Infantry Division, 58 Grenadiers Regiment
SRAWehrmacht_net_34 STN-4
SRQWehrmacht_net_46, 24h Infantry Division, 32 Infantry Regiment
SUFWehrmacht_net_64 STN-2
SWDWehrmacht_net_25 COLLECTIVE
SWGWehrmacht_net_41, 14th Infantry Division, 53 Infantry Regiment
SXWWehrmacht_net_49, 44th Infantry Division, 134 Infantry Regiment
SYFWehrmacht_net_28, 102nd Infantry Division (Silesian), 102 Artillery Regiment
SYOWehrmacht_net_77 STN-7
SZQWehrmacht_net_61 STN-1
S!JWehrmacht_net_10 STN-5
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_77 STN-3
S$VWehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division, 332 Infantry Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division, 460 Infantry Regiment
TAZWehrmacht_net_29 STN-6
TBQWehrmacht_net_68 STN-4
TCEWehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division, 234 Pioneer Battalion
TCXWehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division, 222 Pioneer Battalion
TDOWehrmacht_net_71 STN-3
TDRWehrmacht_net_36 COLLECTIVE
TDUWehrmacht_net_34 STN-3
TGKWehrmacht_2nd_Corps, jednoski wydzielone
THLWehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division, 252 polowy batalion zapasowy
TIYWehrmacht_net_63, 12th Infantry Division, 89 Infantry Regiment
TJAWehrmacht_net_36 STN-7
TKFWehrmacht_net_31 COLLECTIVE
TKOWehrmacht_net_08 STN-7
TLAWehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division, 134 Pioneer Battalion
TMQWehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division, 229 Antitank Battalion
TONWehrmacht_net_24 COLLECTIVE
TPAWehrmacht_net_12 STN-5
TPGWehrmacht_net_16 STN-5
TPNWehrmacht_net_69 HQ
TS!Wehrmacht_net_45, 7th Infantry Division, 7 Atillery Regiment
TUNWehrmacht_net_26, 25th Infantry Division. 119 Infantry Regiment
TVCWehrmacht_net_66, 60th Infantry Division HQ, Danzig
TZDWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 328 Infantry Regiment
TZPWehrmacht_net_75 HQ
TZXWehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division, 445 Infantry Regiment
T!EWehrmacht_net_68 STN-7
T!NWehrmacht_net_21 COLLECTIVE
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_30, 121st Infantry Divison COLLECTIVE
T$QWehrmacht_net_20 STN-5
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_77 STN-5
U4FWehrmacht_net_55, 23rd Infantry Division, 67 Grenadiers Regiment
U6PWehrmacht_net_10 HQ
UB2Wehrmacht_net_06 STN-7
UGVWehrmacht_net_12 STN-7
UJTWehrmacht_net_54, 197th Infantry Division, 229 Pioneer Regiment
UKEWehrmacht_net_30, 121st Infantry Divison, 121 Artillery Regiment
UTFWehrmacht_net_17 COLLECTIVE
U!6Wehrmacht_net_58 STN-5
U$DWehrmacht_net_11 STN-5
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_26, 25th Infantry Division. I/61 Division Heavy Artillery
V4QWehrmacht_net_25 STN-2
V7XWehrmacht_net_34 STN-7
VALWehrmacht_net_54, 181st Infantry Division, 347 Infantry Regiment
VDHWehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division, 260 Pioneer Battalion
VDOWehrmacht_net_39, 227th Infantry Division, 227 Artillery Regiment
VGNWehrmacht_net_38, 163rd Infantry Division, 234 Antitank Abteilung
VHRWehrmacht_net_70 STN-1
VHUWehrmacht_net_21 STN-2
VH!Wehrmacht_net_17 STN-6
VJCWehrmacht_net_10 STN-4
VJYWehrmacht_net_35, 22nd Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
VKQWehrmacht_net_14 STN-6
VQGWehrmacht_net_19 STN-5
VQKWehrmacht_net_41, 14th Infantry Division, 11 Infantry Regiment
VUQWehrmacht_net_49, 44th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
VUYWehrmacht_net_08 STN-5
VZOWehrmacht_net_15, 39th Infantry Divison, 139 Reconessaince Battalion
VZSWehrmacht_net_44, 56th Infantry Division HQ
VZXWehrmacht_net_27, 15th Infantry Division, 88 Infantry Regiment
W2HWehrmacht_net_56 STN-6
WAYWehrmacht_net_55, 23rd Infantry Division, 9 Grenadiers Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_26, 25th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
WCEWehrmacht_net_75 STN-5
WDWWehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division HQ
WD!Wehrmacht_net_61 COLLECTIVE
WFQWehrmacht_net_15, 39th Infantry Divison, 139 Pioneer Battalion
WFUWehrmacht_net_78 STN-1
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_42 STN-1
WIWWehrmacht_net_26, 25th Infantry Division. 25 Artillery Regiment
WJLWehrmacht_net_40 STN-2
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division, 134 Recon Battalion
WKEWehrmacht_net_48 STN-1
WLDWehrmacht_net_12 HQ
WMLWehrmacht_net_44, 56th Infantry Division, 171 Infantry Regiment
WOCWehrmacht_net_33 STN-5
WRLWehrmacht_net_35, 22nd Infantry Division HQ, Brema
WSAWehrmacht_net_18, 19th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_79, 2nd Mountain Division, 67 Reconessaince Battalion (Aufklärungs-Abteilung 67)
WUGWehrmacht_net_66, 60th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
WVWWehrmacht_net_45, 7th Infantry Division HQ
WV!Wehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division, 480 Infantry Regiment
WXZWehrmacht_net_58 HQ
W$RWehrmacht_net_16 COLLECTIVE
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_25 HQ
XAIWehrmacht_net_72, 18th Infantry Division, 30 Infantry Regiment
XANWehrmacht_net_24 HQ
XFGWehrmacht_net_48 STN-5
XIAWehrmacht_net_56 COLLECTIVE
XKMWehrmacht_net_15, 39th Infantry Divison HQ
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_33 STN-3
XP3Wehrmacht_net_64 COLLECTIVE
XPEWehrmacht_net_65, 17th Infantry Division, 95 Infantry Regiment
XQOWehrmacht_net_62, 73rd Infantry Division, 186 Infantry Regiment
XQVWehrmacht_net_37 STN-2
XSBWehrmacht_net_25 STN-5
XZCWehrmacht_net_19 STN-6
X!2Wehrmacht_net_33 STN-6
X$OWehrmacht_net_60, 3rd Infantry Division, 50 Infantry Regiment, Gorzów Wlkp.
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_17 STN-2
YAIWehrmacht_net_21 STN-1
YAXWehrmacht_net_46, 24h Infantry Division, 102 Infantry Regiment
YD!Wehrmacht_net_30, 121st Infantry Divison, 405 Infantry Regiment
YGMWehrmacht_net_22, 218th Infantry Division, 323 Infantry Regiment (mot)
YHCWehrmacht_net_46, 24h Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
YM$Wehrmacht_net_41, 14th Infantry Division, 14 Artillery Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_23 STN-1
YXVWehrmacht_net_24 STN-5
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_22, 218th Infantry Division, 218 Artillery Regiment
Y$QWehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division, 438 Infantry Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_76 STN-3
ZBEWehrmacht_net_73, 153rd Infantry Division HQ
ZBTWehrmacht_net_19 STN-1
ZDUWehrmacht_net_72, 18th Infantry Division, 18 Artillery Regiment
ZFQWehrmacht_net_41, 14th Infantry Division, 101 Infantry Regiment
ZGBWehrmacht_net_74, 1st Mountain Division, 98 Pułk Strzelców Górskich
ZHDWehrmacht_net_40 STN-5
ZHXWehrmacht_net_14 STN-5
ZIHWehrmacht_net_42 COLLECTIVE
ZMOWehrmacht_net_37 STN-7
ZMPWehrmacht_net_22, 218th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
ZN$Wehrmacht_net_15, 39th Infantry Divison, 113 Infantry Regiment
ZOLWehrmacht_net_71 STN-7
ZO$Wehrmacht_net_75 STN-2
ZQPWehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division HQ
ZQSWehrmacht_3rd_Corps, 50 Infantry Division
ZSYWehrmacht_net_66, 60th Infantry Division, 160 Artillery Regiment
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_65, 17th Infantry Division, 17 Artillery Regiment
ZVMWehrmacht_net_02, 20th Infantry Division, 76 Infantry Regiment (mot)
ZWHWehrmacht_net_65, 17th Infantry Division, 21 Infantry Regiment
ZWMWehrmacht_net_48 HQ
ZWRWehrmacht_net_33 STN-7
ZW!Wehrmacht_net_25 STN-4
ZXCWehrmacht_net_17 STN-7
ZYVWehrmacht_net_19 STN-7
Z!KWehrmacht_net_31 STN-1
Z$MWehrmacht_net_77 COLLECTIVE
Z$QWehrmacht_net_08 HQ
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_30, 121st Infantry Divison HQ
!4FWehrmacht_net_60, 3rd Infantry Division, 29 Infantry Regiment, Guben
!BGWehrmacht_net_67, 21st Infantry Division, 24 Infantry Regiment (mot)
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_17 STN-3
!CQWehrmacht_net_73, 153rd Infantry Division, 715 Grenadiers Regiment
!FAWehrmacht_net_20 HQ
!IQWehrmacht_net_44, 56th Infantry Division, 234 Infantry Regiment
!IZWehrmacht_net_47 STN-4
!JQWehrmacht_net_08 STN-4
!KAWehrmacht_net_00, 252nd Infantry Division, 461 Grenadiers Regiment
!KIWehrmacht_net_34 STN-6
!KVWehrmacht_net_48 STN-4
!LBWehrmacht_net_24 STN-4
!QRWehrmacht_net_74, 1st Mountain Division, 79 Mountain Artillery Regiment
!SMWehrmacht_net_78 STN-4
!STWehrmacht_net_37 STN-6
!SZWehrmacht_net_49, 44th Infantry Division, 131 Infantry Regiment
!WKWehrmacht_net_71 STN-5
!WQWehrmacht_net_72, 18th Infantry Division COLLECTIVE
!XAWehrmacht_net_75 STN-7
$CCWehrmacht_net_31 STN-5
$DAWehrmacht_net_45, 7th Infantry Division, 61 Infantry Regiment
$DPWehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division, 342 Infantry Regiment
$DSWehrmacht_net_78 STN-3
$ECWehrmacht_net_11 STN-1
$ENWehrmacht_net_14 STN-3
$HBWehrmacht_net_20 STN-6
$HIWehrmacht_net_18, 19th Infantry Division, 73 Infantry Regiment
$HUWehrmacht_net_19 STN-3
$KPWehrmacht_net_70 STN-5
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division, 134 Antitank Regiment
$LAWehrmacht_net_22, 218th Infantry Division HQ
$LRWehrmacht_net_43, 11th Infantry Division, 11 Artillery Regiment
$MHWehrmacht_net_03, 88th Infantry Division HQ
$MNWehrmacht_net_48 STN-7
$RIWehrmacht_net_06 STN-3
$RJWehrmacht_net_24 STN-7
$RZWehrmacht_net_40 HQ
$TKWehrmacht_net_44, 56th Infantry Division, 192 Infantry Regiment
$MUWehrmacht_net_29 STN-1
$WQWehrmacht_net_48 STN-6
$XHWehrmacht_net_40 STN-4
$!BWehrmacht_net_57, 260th Infantry Division, 260 Recon Battalion
[email protected]Wehrmacht_net_12 STN-1
@BRWehrmacht_net_01, 231rd Infantry Division, 302 Infantry Regiment
@D3Wehrmacht_net_32, 8 Infantry Division, 28 Infantry Regiment
@FCWehrmacht_net_75 STN-6
@HBWehrmacht_net_68 STN-3
@HFWehrmacht_net_76 STN-2
@KHWehrmacht_net_53, 134th Infantry Division HQ
@PWWehrmacht_net_68 STN-1
@R2Wehrmacht_net_52, 181st Infantry Division, 334 Infantry Regiment
@TMWehrmacht_net_13, 6th Infantry Division, 6 Artillery Regiment
@TOWehrmacht_net_23 STN-2
@XUWehrmacht_net_47 STN-2