Read the dialogue carefully

BRAHIM: Good morning Madam!
AGENT: Miss, please! What can I do for you, sir?
BRAHIM: Iím looking for an interesting place where I can spend my holidays.
AGENT: Our agency proposes the loveliest places in Morocco. Where do you like to go?
BRAHIM: I like the mountains. I am tired of the big city. May I see the catalogue, please?
AGENT: Here you are! But why donít you go to Ifran? It is the best place for you. Iím sure youíll enjoy your stay there.
BRAHIM: How much does a week holidays cost in Ifran?
AGENT: Well! Let me see... er... It is about 3000 dirham.
BRAHIM: I am sorry, but it is very expensive for me.

    1. Find in the dialogue the opposites of these words:
      1. boring :
      2. the worst :
      3. cheap :

    2. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY
      1. The agent is a man.  
      2. Brahim lives in a big city.  
      3. He is in a travel agency now.  

    3. Answer these questions:
      1. Where does Brahim want to go for his holidays?
      2. Does Brahim accept the offer? Why or why not?
      3. What does the word "there" in line 7 refer to?

    4. Complete the chart with expressions from the dialogue:
      Permission Advice Likes

    1. Fill in the blanks with the right preposition from the list:
      1. The students are going to sit for a test ten O'clock this morning.
      2. We donít normally go to school Sundays.
      3. In Siberia it is extremely cold winter.

    2. What is the question?
      1. My sister is not feeling well. She has a bad backache.
      2. They usually go to school on foot.
      3. My brother is slim and tall. He has got black eyes and curly fair hair.
    3. Match the functions with their labels
      1. May I taste that hot spicy couscous dish, please?.
      2. I want to have a siesta. Could you possibly turn down that radio, please?
      3. We are having a test this afternoon. Why donít start revising our lessons right now?
      1. Expressing suggestion.
      2. Asking for permission.
      3. Giving advice.
      4. Expressing request.
      5. Asking for directions.
    4. Put the words between brackets in the correct form.
      1. Casablanca is Ifran.
      2. Errachidia is Ifran in the summer.

    Which is your favourite means of travel? Why?


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