Read the dialogue carefully

BRAHIM : I suggest we should go back to Paris by plane, my friend!
HASSAN : I don't think it is a good idea. The plane is very expensive and unsafe.
BRAHIM : But it is quick and comfortable. Which means of travel do you think is better?
HASSAN : The bus. What about travelling by bus? It is quite cheap and comfortable.
BRAHIM : No, no let's not. It is very slow, crowded and boring.
HASSAN : Why don't we take the train, then the ship? We surely will like the trip very much.
BRAHIM : Yes let's and perhaps it is going to be sunny, warm and beautiful.

    1. Find in the dialogue the words which mean the same as:
      1. dangerous :
      2. after that :
      3. may be :

    2. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY
      1. Brahim and Hassan want to return to Europe.  
      2. Hassan prefers the palne.  
      3. They are going to France by bus.  

    3. Answer these questions:
      1. Which means of transport does Hassan prefer? Why?
      2. How are they going to go back to France?
      3. What do the words "it" (in line 5) and "it" (in line 7) refer to?

    4. Complete the chart with information from the dialogue:
      Suggesting Accepting Refusing

    5. Fill in each blank with one word from the dialogue:
      1. Brahim is Hassan's .
      2. For Brahim the is not expensive and comfortable.

    1. Fill in the blanks with the right preposition from the list:
      1. We are moving a new house next week.
      2. Hassan and Brahim are not travelling to France foot.
      3. Brahim can't find his keys. He's looking them in his bag.

    2. What is the question?
      1. It's foggy, cloudy and rainyin London today.
      2. It's ten O'clock sharp.
      3. It is crowded, uncomfortable, but very cheap.
    3. Match the functions with their labels
      1. You should get up early to take the first train.
      2. Could you possibly call a porter for me, please?
      3. How can I get to the train station, please?
      1. Expressing ability.
      2. Asking for directions.
      3. Giving advice.
      4. Expressing request.
      5. Asking for permission.
    4. Put the words between brackets in the correct form.
      1. Ali can play ping-pong his brothers.
      2. My sister, Aicha, has got two .

    Where do you prefer to go for your next holidays? Why?


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