Common Core - May 2008


Normally Lola never wakes up early to train, but last Sunday, she got up at about 5 O'clock. She washed her face quickly with cold water and went to the park. She met her friend Matilda and they started jogging for the first time. Every 10 meters they stopped to relax and drink water. A man came up to them and told them, "This is not the way to lose weight! You must run for a longer distance before you rest" Lola said angrily, "You say this because you are not as fat as we are".
Weight: الوزن


A. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY
  1. Lola is a sportswoman  
  2. She usually goes to the park a 5 O’clock.  
  3. She had breakfast and went to the Park.  
  4. There are four people in the text.  

B. Find in the text the opposite of:

  1. late  
  2. slowly  
  3. hot  
  4. slim  

C. Answer these questions

  1. When does Lola usually wake up?  
  2. What about last Sunday?  
  3. Why did she do that?  
  4. Why can't Lola and Matilda run for a long time?  

D. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?


A. Choose the right word from the list.
  1. Lola didn't eat (many – any – a lot of) spaghetti last night.
  2. How (many – much) people were there in the Park?
  3. She needed only (a few – a little) furniture for her living room.

B. Put these sentences in the negative form.

  1. Rachid lives in Tokyo.
  2. Lola can run faster than Matilda.
  3. She always drinks coffee with milk.

C. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense

  1. They (visit) the town many years ago.
  2. We (like) to play chess with friends.
  3. Tomorrow morning, my friend and I (go) shopping.
  4. Last night, I (do) my homework while my brother (watch) TV.
  5. My father (buy) me a new jacket next week.
  6. Lola (drive) a car for the first time last week.

D. What is the question to which the underlined words are the answer?

  1. I need some money to buy the book. 
  2. Yes, there are a lot of books on that shelf. 
  3. Lola went to the public garden on foot
  4. I rarely go jogging. 


Write a short e-mail to your friend about the things you did last weekend.
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