Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 26 Agenda

    1.   A+ in Depth Chapter 5 concept wrapup

         Backing up CMOS (A+ in Depth, p. 221)

           Motherboard installation procedures: faceplate, standoffs/spacers
         connecting case LED wires to jumpers (see A+ in Depth, p. 230-231)

         AMI beep error codes (p.232)

         Troubleshooting procedures (p.222-224, p. 233)

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    3.    Intro to Managing Memory
    (A+ in Depth, Chapter 6)

       a)   3 common memory module architectures used for RAN in current computers are:

             _________, _________, and __________.

        b)  The difference between RAM and ROM (in current computers) is ___________


        c)  Two technologies for ROM chips are ____________ and _________________.

        d)  Two categories for RAM chips are _____________ and _______________
              Which of these categories is commonly used for motherboard memory caches?


         e)  Modern motherboards with CPUs running above 800Mhz make use of two current
               technologies for standard RAM called __________ and ___________.

         f)    The _________ cache chip technology includes several types that influence the speed
                and efficiency of the cache.

                _______________________, requires a clock signal and                   

                can use   __________________         or   _____________________ ,

               _________________does not use the CPU clock and provides slower memory access.


            g)  DRAM technologies used for standard (non-cache) memory chips include:
                 (See A+ in Depth, pp. 248-252)

                Technology                       Description                                                     Used with









    Temporarily hand-in Ch. 5, questions 1-28, and Motherboard frequency exercise
    to be checked off during break.




    4.  Lab work 
    a)   Finish Meyers Labs 4.2 and Mother Board Manual Exercise from Day 25 agenda.
        b)   Do Meyers lab on removing CPU fan and CPU


    Finish this week's labs at home, to be checked on Tuesday.

    Study for quiz on A+ in Depth, Chapter 5 on Tuesday.

    Review/read A+ in Depth, Chapter 6 on Managing Memory, p. 241-277 for class discussion.

    Write out answers or flash cards, at least for questions 1-11 on pages 273-275. We'll discuss
    hexadecimal addressing, Base/High/Extended memory and DOS memory drivers
    on Tuesday.



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