Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 30Agenda

    1.   Chapter 6 Quiz

    2.    Review Chapter 7 concepts.

        a)  The OS takes the following steps to read files from a floppy disk.






         b)   Four file extensions that Windows 9.x hides after installation are:

             _______, _______, ______, ______

        c) If you see a general failure reading drive A message, what are some steps you
            can take to diagnose the problem?

           __________________      __________________    _________________

           __________________      __________________    _________________

           __________________      __________________    _________________

           __________________      __________________    _________________

        d)   If the physical connection to the floppy is good, what error message results when you
               try to boot from a non-system disk?


         e)  What does it mean if you boot from a system disk and you get a message that there is
               a "bad or missing


          f)  What happens if you boot a computer from one version of DOS or Windows 9.x
                and try to run DOS system utilities from another version?


        g) What can you do to return to a command prompt after getting an
             Abort, Retry, Fail message?


         h) What's the significance of the "Track 0 bad, disk not usable" error message?


    3. Team Contest on Chapter 7 (floppy disk) questions

        Check Day 29 Agenda fillins

    5. Lab Work

         Complete DOS Boot Disk Exercise #2 and Day 29 Agenda right-click exercises if not completed.
        Do Meyers Lab 5.2: I/O Addresses and IRQs.



    Study for Chapter 7 (floppy disk) quiz on Thursday.

    Read A+ in Depth, Chapter 8 on hard disks. study the following vocabulary
    concepts: IDE, EIDE, ATAPI, ATA, ATA-2, ATA-3, Ultra-ATA, Ultra DMA/33,
    Ultra ATA/66, Ultra DMA/66, Ultra ATA/100, Ultra ATA/133 from the table on page

    Also be familiar with these Ch. 8 vocabulary terms and concepts from the beginning of the chapter: Primary & Secondary IDE channel, Master/Slave, SCSI, IEEE 1394, low-level formatting, high-level formatting, heads, cylinders, sectors per track, CHS (or normal mode), Extended CHS Mode, LBA (logical block addressing).

    You may want to review this series of online tutorials on hard drives.


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