Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 39 Agenda

    1. Questions from A+ Practice Tests

    2. Chapter 12 Concepts:


     5.  Lab Work

    Meyers Windows 9.x Labs

    Continue going through the Win9.x labs in Meyers Chapter 10, beginning
    with Lab 10.1 on page 118 and the supplemental windows lab exercises in our class


    Work on research projects. Have a list of important points related to
    your topic ready for discussion with instructor.

    Continue reading A+ in Depth Chapter 12, Supporting Windows 9x
    Chapter 12

    Have answers to ch. 12 questions, 1-25 on p. 563-563 ready for Team Contest tomorrow.

    Take A+ practice tests on the Core Exam. Install the CD in the
    back of your book and see Passitnow, MCMCSE and other websites.


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