Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 45 Agenda

1.   Do Ch. 13 and 14 team contest on Wednesday

2. Review Chapter 13 and 14 Concepts on W2K/XP

   a)   How do you install new hardware in Windows 2000?

b)  Show Dual-boot and triple-boot configurations
       Study A+ in Depth, pp. 606-607. What are the steps in the W2000 boot process?

        POST =             ____________________________

       Load and execute MBR =           ____________________________



      Load "minifile system drivers" = ___________________________




     Study boot.ini file, describe how to change default OS and boot delay settings

 c) How do you boot into Safe Mode? ________________________
      List the options that appear on the Windows 2000 Advanced Options Menu

      _______________________       __________________________

      _______________________       __________________________

     _______________________        __________________________

     _______________________        __________________________

     When should you use the Last Known Good Configuration option?


     Last Known Good Configuration can resolve password access problems? (True/False)

     Last Known Good Configuration can resolve startup problems with BOOT.INI (True/False)

     Last Known Good Configuration can resolve problems if a conflicting device driver was
     installed on the last boot?                                                                                      (True/False)

     Last Known Good Configuration can resolve an application problem if you've installed
     the program, rebooted the computer and get to the Windows Desktop, but now encounter
     error messages or performance problems.                                                        (True/False)

     Which of these problems may be resolved by restoring the system with an Emergency Repair

     Disk? ________________________________________________

    Which Advanced Boot option is only available on W2K Server domain controllers?


d)   Demonstration: Install Windows 2000 Recovery Console Command Prompt

3. Lab Work
    1. Complete descriptions of Computer Management services (see first, legal-size handout)

     2.  Complete Day 44 Agenda exercises

           Create User Account, add to Power Users, log on and check access rights to
           Device Manager, Network Settings, and Printers

           Use Backup utility to create a W2K Emergency Repair Disk and back up the
           System Registry

      3.  Work on lab exercises in second (Advanced 8-1/2x11") handout.
           Exploring Computer Management and Local Security Settings
           Creating a customized MMC
           Working with Event Viewe


Work on research projects.

Review A+ in Depth, Chapter 14, Managing and Troubleshooting Windows 2000
Be prepared for short team contest on questions 1-25
on p. 600-604 and questions 1-13 on p. 644-646.

Read A+ in Depth, Chapter 15 on Installing and Using
Windows XP Professional. Be prepared to install Windows XP on Wednesday.

(Note: If you burn your XP CDs and get the product number before
 class starts, we will have more class time to work and learn!)

Continue working with A+ practice tests.


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