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    The field of modelling is very tough and risk. Getting a chance with a modelling agency or with a reputed product based company may take time. In spite of glamour and self promotion the modelling profession is very hard working and sometimes boring. A model won’t get paid from all jobs. Unless you are not committed and hardworking you won’t get the chance. If you need to survive you need money so without getting paid it will be very difficult so better get a part time job like Kangra escorts. Here in Kangra most of the models are working as independent Kangra escorts in their leisure time.

    Even a Kangra escorts is also a very tough job for an independent woman. You need the experience in the field of Kangra escorts as well as the city. You need to convince the media in the city and authorities who are in the top positions about your pure Kangra escorts services for Business man. As the call girls in Kangra service is illegal in the country you need to convince the authorities and media that you are a pure escort girl in Kangra not a call girl in Kangra. As you are providing Kangra escorts for Business man you may need to travel with them and stay in the same room in a hotel. So something physically happened in between is purely personal but not for money or value of money.

    Payment for a Model escort in Kangra is only for the time spends with the Business man and managing their timings. Please don’t misunderstand that an escort in Kangra is doing the similar job as a call girls in Kangra. A call girl in Kangra is a personal service to Business man and high class gentle man who ever connect her. On the other hand a service like Kangra escorts will be provided only for Business people who need a right hand help from a beautiful young model and it will be highly official. A learned model can only survive in the industry in such a society like this. It is difficult for a fresher to enter the modelling industry only with her beauty. She may need to enter in the field of escorts in Kangra and work with courage.