Analog TV "Sporadic E" report

Apparent "sporadic E" event observed on 11 September 2005, about 1330-1405 UTC
Antenna is simple & stupid rabbit ear
QTH is 42°31'N×83°05'W, Warren, Michigan
channel call network content reception notes
5   ABC George Stephanopoulos[sp?] show no audio, barely intelligible video
6 WJIM? CBS   audio noizy
9 CBET CBC   local station…less signal than usual
10   NBC adverts…Peerless furniture, ACD internet phone, AMEX financial advisors (1340Z) video weak
10   A Driver's Seat, w. Ted & Tony (1400Z) note that a different station was observed on this channel 20 minutes ago
11 WTOL CBS CBS Sunday Morning less than usual signal strength
12   NBC Today surprisingly clear
13 WGTE ABC Good Morning America station usually available here, but unusually clear today
15     some televangelist signal weakened over period observed
16   A[?] mass with Most Rev. Frank Griswold eventually lost audio, then video
19       no audio. Horizontally unstable pix.
24     Jack Van Impe also video only from ABC affiliate w. some antenna positions
25 WEIZ?, WDIZ? PBS Tony Brown Journal crosstalk (video only) from NBC affiliate
36   Fox that blowhard show Fox News Sunday stronger than usual signal for this semi-local station, but weakened during period observed.
42   CTV   faint pix, no sound
49   WB silly kid stuff WB49 watermark clearly visible, can't tune out (expletive deleted) audio from local televangelic "PAX" megaphone channel 48. (expletive deleted) orthotics infomercial started on channel 49 at 1400Z.
51       very faint pix, no sound.
55   WB e/i crap. weak video. audio heard only w. finger on antenna, eventually losing usable signal
67     "Shop at home"  

Last Updated on 2005/09/11
By Lorraine Lee
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