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Stalin: The First In-depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents from Russia's Secret Archives

"Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem." - Josef Stalin

"A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic."- Josef Stalin

"Gratitude is a sickness, suffered by dogs."- Josef Stalin


Stalin and Hitler  
If asked to name the single most vile and ruthless tyrant of the 20th Century, the vast majority of people undoubtedly name Hitler.

Unfortunately , Hitler had an evil twin in his Nemesis and Arch Rival from the other end of the radical political spectrum we label left and right wing - Josef Stalin.

Hitler is responsible for the murders of at least 6 Million in the Ghettos and Concentration Camps of Nazism.  The numbers for Stalin far exceed Hitler's, and will never be known with any exactitude.

Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

A huge and masterful dual biography of two of the most monstrous personalities of this century. Bullock, whose Hitler: A Study in Tyranny Hitler: A Study in Tyranny  truly deserves its designation as a classic, has produced a smoothly written study of how these two lives ran parallel and how they intertwined to affect the lives of millions in the first half of this century

 Stalin Kaganovitch whom Stalin called "my Himmler." and who personally supervised the murder of 6-7 million Ukrainian peasants in the mid-1930s and went on to organize the mass murder of two million Muslims and deportation of another two million to Siberia. wrote in his diary.   “I started to understand how Stalin managed to make himself a god. He did not have a single human characteristic … Even when he exhibited some emotions, they did not seem to belong to him …”  Quoted from by Richard Wurmbrand:

Stalin was an equal opportunity monster, ethnicity was important in determining a persons fate, but not as singularly important as with Hitler's forces. .He presided over the murder of at least 40 million { Probably more, the true numbers may never be known} of his own countrymen and the imprisonment of tens of millions of others. Stalin knew how to brutally conjure fear and obedience on a mass scale. An evil despot whose name inspires fear and respect in Russia to this day. At the culmination of World War II in Europe, he was the holder the largest chunk of Pie. The true victor if you consider territorial gains in the war against the Great Evil of Hitler...the right hand of Satan,   was Stalin... the left hand of Satan.

"On June 22, 1941, just less than two years after signing the Nazi-Soviet Agreements, Hitler's German army invaded the Soviet Union. The attack hardly came as a surprise to Josef Stalin; in fact, history has long held that Stalin spent the two intervening years building up his defenses against a Nazi attack. With the gradual declassifying of former Soviet documents, though, historians are learning more and more about Stalin's grand plan during the years 1939-1941.

 Longtime Soviet expert Albert L. Weeks has studied the newly-released information and come to a different conclusion about the Soviet Union's pre-war buildup-- " it was not precaution against German invasion at all. In fact, Weeks argues, the evidence now suggests Soviet mobilization was aimed at an eventual invasion of Nazi Germany. The Soviets were quietly biding their time between 1939 and 1941, allowing the capitalist powers to destroy one another, all the while preparing for their own Westward march. Stalin, Weeks shows, wasn't waiting for a Nazi attack--Hitler simply beat him to the punch." -- Stalin's Other War: Soviet Grand Strategy, 1939-1941


Stalin and Hitler were both practitioners of Evil Religions. Hitler directly as an adherent to Satanism, regardless of what superfluous eloquence and ignorance it was disguised as. Stalin as an adherent to Marxism , a quasi anti-religion hatched by Satanic dupes at the inspiration of their personal demons.

Stalin and the Jews

In February 1953, a meeting took place between leaders of the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union.
There, Stalin revealed his plans for Jews within Soviet grasps. At the meeting, Stalin's fury reached a crescendo and exploded into an uncontrolled rage. He then collapsed and shortly thereafter died. If you believe in the classical Judeo-Christian concept of the afterlife you can accept the fact that the devils pitchfork was imbedded in his Anus. It is still a matter of controversy whether he died of a Stroke, or was poisoned. Circumstantial evidence as well as some physical evidence seems to indicate he was poisoned. "Stalin collapsed exactly on the Jewish festival of Purim. " .

Stalin and the Jews analyzes and documents the roots and the manner in which Stalin and other Soviet and Russian governments have always manipulated anti-Semitism in Russia.

Why Didn't Stalin Murder All the Jews

A principle weakness of Stalin in his planned genocide of the Jews , was the fact that Religion of which he was the High Priest at the time {Marxism} was rooted deeply in Jewish Left wing Thought. It's founder , although more than likely a Satanist was the grandson of a rabbi Mordeccai Marx . All of it's principal leaders at it's inception, with the possible exception of Lenin were Jews... dark Jews. It can be theorized that while the Nazi's were Satan's answer to Christianity... Bolshevism was Satan's answer to Judaism.Anti-Semitism, for whatever reason is a inherent Trademark of Satan.Unlike Hitler, who knew himself to be an adherent of Satan. Stalin may have began his life with noble, but misguided agenda, he was a dupe of Marx and Lenin. Stalin's Hatred was not based on rationalism. At this point in his career he was no longer in control of his own faculties. In this light the picture becomes much more focused.

 Unlike Hitler , Stalin had never built up a close circle of equally demonic and disciplined adherents and followers. There is no evidence that he participated in Satanic Worship as Hitler did., his followers at this point, with few exceptions only followed out of stark , absolute fear and terror. Stalin never built a political machine behind himself resembling Hitler's , his machine was largely inherited from his predecessor, and there is some evidence that he was actually heavily influenced, or controlled by Beria. His followers followed largely out of misguided patriotism and fear.

In the Post WWII era Stalin , the left hand of Satan , remained to carry out the devils agenda. It is a curiosity why Stalin developed an irrational hatred of the Jews if you look only at the Black and White , established view of the history of International Socialism it appears Jews were in a large part responsible for it's limited success up to that point.

 Death of Stalin

 "According to Brent and Naumov, in Stalin's Last Crime: The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors, 1948-1953 , Stalin did not die an entirely natural death. He collapsed at his dacha on March 1, 1953, but no doctor arrived for several hours, he died on March 5. They cite evidence that Stalin might have suffered the effects of a rat-killer and blood thinner. This is all speculation. Brent and Naumov are on solid ground, however, when they point out major inconsistencies and lies in Nikita Khrushchev's account of Stalin's last days. Right after his death, Stalin's successors quashed the accusations against the doctors and instead arrested and executed internal affairs boss Lavrenti Beria.

"In his own account of the events, Khrushchev explained that they delayed trying to wake Stalin up or call a doctor because they thought he was suffering from a hangover. In fact, Khrushchev knew quite well that Stalin would likely not have been that drunk, but instead preferred to watch others drink, so he could watch them. Beria might indeed have been one of Stalin's killers, but he also knew too much, and the new party bosses wanted him gone. (In addition, Abakumov and Riumin, key leaders of the secret police, were also shot.) " { Samuel Kassow Killers in White Gowns  }

The successor to Stalin, Khrushchev, may or may not have been Evil, there is no poof to indicate he was anything more than a misguided leader following the Marxist Agenda, but also following his own conscience. It was Khrushchev's leadership and admirable judgment that averted World War III during the Cuban Missile crisis in particular, not the actions of the man we Americans have been conditioned to revere -- JFK. Khrushchev's restraint in this period of the Cold War seems to indicate he was not in the control of Satan, only a follower of what he mistakenly believed to a righteous Path. I'm not trying to exalt Khrushchev to anything resembling holiness, far from it but given the Choice of Beria, the probable heir to Stalin's Throne I would undoubtedly say the Human Race faired well with ascent of the Khrushchev regime. Beria was Evil.

Khrushchev presented an accurate image of Beria as a sadistic, sex-obsessed madman who sought to succeed Stalin upon his death and create his own personal dictatorship. Had Beria not been defeated and executed by the Khrushchev camp, a Regime surpassing the Evils of Hitler , would have risen in Russia. World War III probably would've been fought.

 Had Stalin survived another , say ten years... it goes without saying that there would somewhere around 20 -30 million less Jews in the world today. But what about us Gentiles ? There's a good possibility many or all of us would be pushing up daisies as well, but that is only speculation in this dimension.


Quotes from Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand: 


An angel from the Lord appeared before a Fascist, a Communist and a Jew on a Crowded bus. and told them. Each of you is granted one wish; what do you wish for?

The Fascist asked for the Communists to be eliminated for ever and ever.
The Communist asked for the Fascists to disappear from the Universe.

Both of them vanish.

The Jew looks puzzled. He asks the Angel whether the wishes of the first two were granted in their entirety. The Angel confirms.
Then, after a heavy deliberation, the Jew says: - In that case, all I can ask for is a cup of Tea.


Vatican exorcist claims Satan possessed Stalin, Hitler


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