BMW F650GS/CS & C1 ECU (2000 - 3)
Pictures of BMS-CII (F650GS '04)

Welcome to my pages about the ECU (BMS-C, DME) of the BMW F650GS. If you are willing to help me by analyzing the software, please send me an Email.

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The ECU is made by HELLA. The software has a size of 512 KByte and is saved in the soldered EEPROM. As there is no socket like on other BMW motorcycles you have to desolder it. A description of how to do it can be found at The FLASH AND Kristian FAQ page. Connecting via the MoDiTec-plug is also possible with the use of the GS-911.



Picture of mainboard
1..EEPROM (desoldered), 2..CPU,3 .. PRESSURE SENSOR, 4..STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER, 5-7..TRANSISTORS, 8&9..???

Please find at the graphics a hyperlink (pdf) to the description of the PINs of the MoDiTec plug and the DME connector by Haakon
(! not fully complete and not tested !)


Here are some informations about the various software versions of which (Overview of programming variants) I have got three different originals. The software IS NOT encrypted but it's very hard to identify the various parts as it seems to be a very specific BMW development. Up to now the PROGRAMMER could identify the spark map. So I gave the 5000-3611-w more spark advance.

Version Number CD
Release Date Idle
rev limit
Open Loop
beyond RPM


5000-3611 none 1999/2000 Europe 1300 7500 2000 absolutely surgefree; bike is running hotblooded; best driving comfort; highest fuel consumption;  in combination with OLD INJECTOR often stalling; rarely stalling with NEW INJECTOR
5000-3611-w none   1300 7500 2000 advanced spark map; there is feelable more torque and a lower fuel consumption when driving slow, e.g. city traffic.
7000-3601 9.3 spring
1400 7500 4500 This junk spoils you with a lot of SS (Surging & Stalling); bad throttle response; backfiring; best(!) top speed and worst driving comfort
8000-3608 10.1 September
1400 7500 4500 No stalling and almost no surging, but the F650GS will behave like a Diesel vehicle - no power, a lot of vibrations and, of course, a lower fuel consumption. In addition the engine is producing feelable more heat; bad throttle response;

In the following table there are some links to pictures which might be of interest. Interestingely the dyno runs at full throttle are nearly indentically of each software version whereas in real life there are great differences especially concerning the driving comfort.
The software pictures were made by the use of MISTERED by Hansen. The Graphical Overviews of the 512 KByte software represent nothing else than the space which is used by the software. According to Hansens (author of MISTERED) explanations the regions with some regularity in the colour pattern represent the maps (germ. Kennfelder). The other regions are the program, most of the space is left free.

Version Number dyno run
spark map 11*14
starting at hex
graphical overview
5000-3611 20020801 50D6F X
Same as above, but read from different ECU (other bike). As the BMS-C is self-learning there are differences in the file. X
5000-3611-w 20020801 50D6F  
    Heterodyning of 5001
and spark advance
7000-3601   50B93 X
8000-3608 20020801 50BB9, curve the
same as above
  Superimposition of all three curves    


The BMW F650GS is a real great bike if you modify the adjustments of the FI. As the bike was released in spring 2000 BMW provided it with a software which made the F650GS really hotblooded. That "hotblooded" software was released only in Europe. In the ROW(Rest Of World) the bike was shipped with a different software, which surged from the beginning. The only problem was that the bike relatively often stalled. The main reason for that stalling was NOT the software it was the bad quality of the old injector (BMW 1354 7652159 [European machines may have 1353 2343565], Bosch 0280 156026). So all the drivers called for a solution for that stalling.
At the same time a German bike magazine testetd the exhaust values of the F650GS and they uncovered that the bike doesnot fulfil the regulations. So BMW made a software upgrade for the European bikes. From that time on the software used was the same in all countries and now even the European bikes ran as bad as the others.
And here is what they changed: 1. the mixture was made very lean, which makes the bike surging and the engine is getting very hot. 2. the ignition starts 50° before the climax, this is a great stress for the engine in thermic and mechanical aspects. 3. The signal of the lambda sensor is taken into account up to 4500 RPM (Closed Loop), the old European software did use it only up to 2000 RPM. That third point seems to be the main difference betweeen the old European and the old ROW software.
Many of us were very happy that there was a new software and we made that upgrade. But this was a great disappointment as then the F650GS didnot only stall it did also surge and there was feelable less power and torque. The frequeny of the stalling decreased only with the new injector (BMW 1371 1342366 [= Bosch 0280 155788]). In the following months BMW released some more software upgrades which made the situation better but with the given equippment (weak ECU and the missing of a further sensor) the bike never got back it's old qualities. Some experts told me that it is impossible to get the F650GS absolutely surgefree when it runs closed loop.
Now what to do? There is one solution from Techlusion - the Fuel Nanny. That FN lengthens the duration of the injection time, so this makes the mixture richer. In addition you have to disconnect the lambda sensor so that the ECU is working open loop.
The other solution is the use of the old European software, which is available at OBD-Tuning. That's what I have done.


The modifications of the software can help to improve the driving comfort considerable and in some cases the fuel consumption. 
An increase of the power doesn't seem to be possible with pure software modifications. It is the statement of experts that you have to change the camshaft of the F650GS to get more HP. Only modifications of the exhaust system and/or the air intake don't change anything.


Many thanks to HAAKON, who helped me very often and designed many PDFs. Many thanks to the PROGRAMMER, who found the starting address of the spark map.


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