SWIFTAIR - Occussi-Ambeno's Airship Express Service.



Swiftair Corporation uses modern, safe, and fast high-tech airships filled with helium, an inert gas that will not ignite. It is 100% safe for airship flight. Swiftair's fleet of five zeppelins operates regularly within Occussi-Ambeno and also runs less frequent international links. Airships are ideally suited to delivering mail, passengers, and supplies to isolated outposts, where the ships can hover to transfer cargo.











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Some modern and historical airship photos.
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A zeppelin over Friederichshafen, Germany, early 1900s.
Zeppelin NT at a mobile mooring mast at Nitibe, Occussi-Ambeno.
Zeppelin NT in flight over Occussi-Ambeno.
L-49, Height-Climber, captured by the French almost intact.  Click to see a larger photo.
L-65, a Height-Climber high-altitude  zeppelin warship from World War I. (Germany)
Count von Zeppelin,  an oil painting.  Click to see a larger view.
Crossing the English coast.  (WW1 propaganda postcard.)
Zeppelin causes terror over London.  (WW1 propaganda postcard, Germany.)  Click to see full size picture.
Advertising for car.
Attacking Ramsgate.  (WW1 propaganda postcard.) (England.)
End of a zeppelin raider.  (WW1 propaganda postcard, England.)
An oil painting by Valery Kupzow, Russia, 1932.
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, designer and builder of the zeppelin fleet.
A German postcard showing the GRAF ZEPPELIN over its home port of Friederichshafen.  Click to see the full-size postcard.
A view of the control gondola, Zeppelin NT.
An airmail stamp from Germany, 1938.
In 1930, the USA issued this stamp to honor the Europe-America flight by the Graf Zeppelin.
The airship Graf Zeppelin is shown on Occussi-Ambeno's 30 cents stamp of 1983.
The first Swiftair zeppelin flight to Sonné in 1990.
Sunday Mirror, May 28 1937, prototype full colour printing.
A letter carried by balloon from the siege of Paris, 1870.  Click this envelope to see a larger photo.
Postcard carried on a 1909 flight   skippered by Graf Zeppelin himself.  Click to see a larger photo.
Mail carried by zeppelin from Paraguay to Germany.  Click to see a larger view.
1938 Sudetenland flight.
1933, South America to Chicago flight.  Click to see a larger view.
1929, New York to Austria, first world flight.
1932, Buenos Aires to Vienna flight.
1927, first airmail Lakehurst to Praten, Germany.  Click to see a larger view.
Jamaica, May 1936:  Hindenburg's first America return flight.
1933 Graf Zeppelin's round trip Berlin via Chicago to Kassel.
1933, Gdansk to Brazil via GRAF ZEPPELIN.
Very late usage of zeppelin airmail: July 1939 letter from Germany to Lucerne, Switzerland,  carried by the Graf Zeppelin.
1934, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) to Brazil via GRAF ZEPPELIN.
1931, second South America flight, envelope signed by Dr Hugo Eckener.
1932, 8th South America flight.  Buenos Aires to Austria.
1931, first South America flight of the Graf Zeppelin.
1930, South America flight, signed by Dr Eckener.
1932, 5th South America flight.  Uruguay to Braunschweig.
1933, first South America flight.  Signed by Dr Hugo Eckener.
1932, sixth South America flight.  San Marino to Brazil.
1932, seventh South America flight.  Moscow to Brazil.
1925, Puerto Rico to New York via the LOS ANGELES.
It took more than 200 men to haul the Hindenburg down and hold it.
1930, first Europe - PanAmerica Round Flight.  New York to Braunschweig.
The Hindenburg skims Manhattan skyscrapers in 1936.


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