My branch of the family, 1959

About this site

This site contains a brief history of the London Ullinger family, descended from Jakob Ullinger, a young musician from Morbach in Germany who came to the UK in the mid-1850s. If you're a member of the family and would like to get in touch, mail me: ullingers at yahoo dot co dot uk. I check mail every few weeks, so I will get back to you eventually!

Family names of interest

KNAUF, Darmstadt area
HAGON, East End
SANSUM, East End
COLLINGS, London gunmakers
GODFREY,gunmakers from Whitechapel and Watlington, Oxon
GIBSON, Mile End
DRAKE (Whitechapel/East London, before 1850
ULLINGER(any, anywhere!)
BENNER, Morbach area
AMMAN, Morbach area
MATHEISS, Morbach area

I'd be especially interested to hear from any German relatives. Sie k´┐Żnnen entweder auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch schreiben, was immer Sie bevorzugen. Schicken Sie mir eine e-mail an ullingers at yahoo dot co dot uk

Note: I have researched the family both in London and back to the 1700s in Germany, and have a lot of data which I'm happy to share with family, but not with random data miners and companies like Ancestry who want to charge you to look at it, so I've removed it from the site for now.

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