Putting theory to work.

    The worksheet Log Angle Generator returns solutions for angles required for a complex roof system. This is an abridged version of the worksheet Timber Framing Angles; the link labelled Lag is a short Javascript version. More information on uses of this worksheet are listed under Alternate LAG Program Applications.

    LAG (Javascript) integrates Lag with a different value return format, a basic Trig Function Calculator, and a link to an Alphabetical Formula List window.

    Working Point Co-ordinates is a worksheet that solves the endpoints of lines (vectors) in a Standard kernel. Open the Vector Products Calculator as a window to work in conjunction with the spreadsheet to solve angles.

    Cognate Kernels generates formulas for both Standard and Rectangular (or Interlocking) kernels. Not all known formula variations have been listed in this worksheet.

    To convert online calculator returns to values for a framing square, open Lag and Over 12 as windows, copy and paste the angle in the Degrees field, and select the desired Fraction.

    The Quattro Pro 8 version of the Hip and Valley framing and joinery angle worksheet LAG.wb3 is not supported by this website. Available on request.

Log Angle Generator.xls
Excel Hip Valley Roof Framing Angle Calculator

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VBScript Hip Valley Roof Framing Angle Calculator

Javascript Hip Valley Roof Framing Angle Calculator

Javascript Hip Valley Roof Framing Angle Calculator

Compound Joint Calculators.html
Equiangular Joint Calculator

Non-Rectangular Sections.html
Compound Angles on Trapezoidal Sections

Saw Blade Angle Calculator.html
Miter Bevel Angle Calculator

Angle to Rise/Run.html
Angle to Rise Run Conversion

Vector Products.html
Cross Product, Dot Product, Dihedral Angle

Working Point Co-ordinates.xls
Execel Hip Valley Roof Working Points

Cognate Kernels.xls
Roof Framing Formulas and Developments of Tetrahedra

Triangle Solvers.xls
Excel Triangle Calculator

Triangle and Circle Solvers.html
Javascript Triangle and Circle Calculators