Foreign Policy
of Lykosha
And Friendships:

  • Effective June 20, 2003: Let it be known that Lykosha hereby notifies every nation that its foreign policy will be changing, to more closely resemble the behavior of the wolf-pack.

    In the future, Lykosha shall Recognize each and every nation of the world to the same extent that each such nation does itself.

    This does, in essence, alter the previous foreign policy to one more imitative of a wolf-pack's attitude towards other neighboring Packs that do not interfere with their (Lykosha's) business or territories.   Those who DO act against or interfere with Lykosha shall be ignored at best and contested until they cease, or until they are bested, or until they are no longer an enemy.

    Further, those nations previously "Recognized" by Lykosha shall be elevated to the status of Juarigher, or "sworn-friend."  These Lykosha will consider friends of the Wolf-Nation, in the same manner of any wolf-pack who welcomes friends into their midst. ---by the hand of the Jarlof Lykosha

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