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ORIGIN OF NAME:   'Lykos" is latin for "wolf."

FULL NAME OF NATION:   'Lykosha: Wolf-Nation"

SHORT NAME:   Lykosha

TYPE OF GOVERNMENT:   Elective monarchy; all have the right to "veto" decrees (see here

HEAD OF STATE:   Pack-Leader / "Jarl". Jarl rules as well as reigns (see above).."

CURRENT HEAD OF STATE:   Yngvaar Ulfsen (pro tem)

HOW SUCCESSOR CHOSEN:   By Challenge. "The Pack-Leader rules by consent." Any citizen may come forward and Challenge, and the Pack chooses by voting for him or for the old Leader. If at least 75% of the citizen base does NOT vote for the Challenger, the current Leader keeps his or her position (No restriction to Jarl's children becoming the next Jarl.

LAND CLAIMS:   In dual sovereignty, everywhere that the wolf, dingo, coyote, and African hunting dog calls home, this we claim as our "homeland." Like these four-footed hunters, we can live on it without owning it.   Only those places we have "marked" as our own property do we claim as ours alone: by purchase, by conquest (in times of chaos only), or by it being ceded to us.

NATIONAL COLOURS:   Black; white; grey; silver

NATIONAL LAND ANIMAL:   The wolf (all-inclusive: dingo, coyote, African hunting dog, canis lupus familiaris)

NATIONAL MARINE ANIMAL:   orca ("wolf" of the sea)




NATIONAL BIRD:   Burrowing owl (called the coyote owl by some Apache, because it lives in dens and hunts in bonded pairs)

NATIONAL FRUIT:   Wolf-berry


NATIONAL PASTIME:   "King of the Hill" or "Top Dog"

NATIONAL SPORT (Outdoor):   Jousting; fencing; combat archery; "war" (like football without the ball)

NATIONAL SPORT (Indoor):   RPG & other strategy games (Othello, chess, checkers, etc.)

NATIONAL "ROLE MODELS":   The Norse/Vikings

NATIONAL LANGUAGE:   (External) English

NATIONAL LANGUAGE:   (Internal) Litaja

NATIONAL CHARITY:   The Lupus Foundation

NATIONAL HOLIDAYS:   Spring Equinox (varies); Summer Solstice (varies); Fall Equinox (varies); Winter Solstice (varies); Leif Ericson Day (October 9th).(

NATIONAL MODE OF DRESS:   Norse/medieval (ethnic)

NATIONAL FAITH / RELIGION:   None: The state is secular.

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