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I'm a young woman with many facets. I'm playful and passionate, happy and flirtatious, sweet and sensual Call Girl in Goa. I enjoy being a woman and I very much enjoy being an escort as a part time secret hobby. I’m educated, smart, well travelled and realistic. However escorting as an Panjim Escorts adds the excitement that fuels my passions. If it wasn't fun I wouldn't do it and so it’s an important part of my double life. I love having this secret!

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I love slow kissing and touching. The exploration of many paths to excitement is a worthy effort.

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History of Panjim City - (GOA)

Panjim (also known as Panaji) the capital city of Goa comprises 30 wards like Fontainhas, Mala, St Tome, Alto Pilotos, Boca de Vaca, Portais, Bhatlem, Tonca, Alto Guimaraes, Campal, St Inez, Gaspar Dias, Ribandar, Dona Paula, etc. Panjim’s history is long. Historical accounts of this place date back to Kadamba King Shasthadeva (1007-1050). An inscription of the Kadamba King Vijayaditya I, dated February 7, 1107 and it refers to Panajim as Pahajani Khali.

Another interpretation of the name is that Panji or Ponji is said to mean the “land that never gets flooded”. Yet another interpretation is that it is a variation of Pancha Yma Afsumgary or five wonderful castles where the Muslim King Ismail Adil Shah and his wives used to live. The name was later changed to Panjim by the Portuguese and when Old Goa collapsed in the 19th century, Panjim was elevated to the status of a city on 22 March 1843 and was renamed "Nova Goa". After Liberation in 1961 it was known as "Panaji". Panjim was originally a neglected ward of Taleigão village.

The only conspicuous construction was the 15th century castle built by Adil Shah on the left bank of the Mandovi. Viceroy Dom Manuel de Saldanha de Albuquerque, Count of Ega, remodelled the old castle and a palace was built which was later used as the Government Secretariat.

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The moat around the castle of Adil Shah was filled up and made into a road, the harem was levelled and in 1851-55 the building of Contadoria or Fazenda which is now the Accounts Department was constructed.