The World's First "Green Country"

The Kingdom of TorHavn (tohr-hah'-v[e]n) is a sovereign, independent nation, located in and completely surrounded by territory of the United States. With a current actual area of less than 1/2 acre (which is owned by the government currently occupying the land), TorHavn is quite probably one of the smallest nation-states on Earth, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in honour, spirit & tenacity.

Currently, TorHavn lives only in the hearts of its people -- but patiently waits for the opportunity to claim land for its future. For now, a rented enclave is located in the western United States -- a tiny, house sized place in the State of California. We are patient; we can wait.

Where TorHavn's people cast their eyes, the climate is lush & green, with temperatures rarely exceeding 32 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit), or dropping below 0 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit). The terrain truly fits the appellation of "viridian" --- a verdant home to gigantic Coastal Redwood trees, as well as local wildlife common to a North American temperate rainforest.

Nestled in the valley of the Redwoods, next to the Cascade Mountains, TorHavn watches cautiously (as We will not take what is either claimed by others or currently occupied). The nearest major airport and bus services are some distance away in the San Francisco/Sacramento area in California. Visitors to this area can enjoy visiting the parks & recreation areas both in the winter months, and in the summer. Close nearby is San Francisco on the southern border, with its many tourist attractions and America's Washington State to the north and Oregon & Nevada to the east. One of its greatest diplomatic friends, the Republic of Molossia, also lies to the east.....

Although TorHavn as a nation has never actually existed until now, We hereby officially, with all due pomp & pageantry, do declare ourselves a free & sovereign nation, even though we currently have no land to call our own, and even though, at this time, we reside within a part of these United States. Do the circumstances matter? Nay, for others have done so in the past, whenever they have studied their current situation, and have found something ... lacking.

That having been said, understand that this Kingdom means the United States of America no harm at all, and certainly does not intend to either invade it aggressively, nor destroy its property nor murder its people. In fact, we would certainly not be able to find the open opportunity nor could we explore such possibilities in this way anywhere else but here.

And what is right for one is not always right for another, is it?

The purpose of the Embassy site (at www.geocities.com/torhavn) is for "outreach" --- to inform the public, and prospective Citizens, providing current information about this Kingdom, so that both may be able to appreciate & understand the continuing heritage, philosophy and developing history of this unique nation. Do we claim to have all the answers? Of course not, but what we do know, we know with a certainty.

Please take a moment and explore our webpages, and learn more about our country. If you have any questions, or desire further information, please feel free to contact the TorHavn Tourism office at [email protected]. In the meantime, welcome and enjoy your "stay" in "The World's First Green Country!!"

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