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the Best Investment
the Kingdom of TorHavn is currently establishing an organization which seeks to have a say in the upcoming Sustainability Project, which runs from Earth Day 2002 to Earth Day 2003. We are looking for co-sponsors to help with funding, and attendance and input for this Project. click on the image above to see the home of the Project.

Also: This new webpage is inspired by the excellent web site of Southumberland. Some of the site is of the old design, but as marches on, that will change. If you have any questions, please contact us either at our message board or through e-mail. Clicking on the flag will always lead you to the front page of this site.

If you are interested in applying for citizenship, please contact us via email, or apply online.

We also invite you to get a free web-based email account through Zap-Zone.

We thank you!


"Why Is There a TorHavn?"

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(Closed Sept. 25, 2001)

New Project
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Towards Sovereignty

September 11, 2001
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The Kingdom of TorHavn is a sovereign, independent, emerging nation whose the goals and concepts are based on ecology, diplomacy and the Warrior's Way. To accomplish this, we are prepared to mold ourselves according to the possibilities available, including the formation of an intentional community, and dual sovereignty (like that of the Amerindian nations that currently residing within another state).

"Loyalty above all else ... except honour"

The HTML design for this site inspired by the webpage for the Principality of Southumberland. Last updated by TorHavn's webdesigner:
August 25, 2001

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