What's this all about?
This site introduces the Kingdom of TorHavn. We are an evolving sovereign nation-state in the planning phase of its development. By others, we have been called a micronation, ephemeral state, secessionist government (or movement), model country, etc. (and, less complimentariy, imaginary state, or even counter-country), ... unrecognized by the majority of world society. Yet, more importantly, WE call ourselves a future nation (and we ARE patient; we can wait): a country in the making, a warrior nation & the world's first "green country".
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What does that mean ("warrior nation?" "green country?")
A "warrior nation" is one where every person capable of defending the country and themselves DO. We are very much like a wolf pack --- although we do not advocate initiating aggressive "diplomacy," we will defend ourselves without hesitation. And, as to the words "green country:" simply put, TorHavn has assertively taken a stand that the Earth comes first before human "convenience." We shall spend our national "life" proving that our planet need not suffer in order to have "quality of life."

But what IS a micronation anyway?
Officially: According to the United Nations Organization, a micronation is a nation/state which has less than two million citizens. However, due to the Internet, such "nations/states" have developed that can vary greatly: all the way from a one-man exercise in frivolity, with the one person wearing all the different "hats" (some actually doing very well at this) to a very serious, well-defined politico-socio-economic machine with a flag, constitution or "king's code", currency, internal affairs, an active community life --- everything except "official recognition" from the powers-that-be.

In essence: A micronation is (almost always) a self-declared nation with little or no [actual] land to its "name," but which still (often) declares dominion over territory that actually exists (often tiny, isolated islands, or other areas (left) undeveloped by major world powers). Most "micro-nations" go through their whole "life" unrecognized by the major powers of the world, and many never last beyond a year or so (Some never even last a day, hence the word: "ephemeral").

Is TorHavn a real country?
Depends on what you call "real."   Currently, TorHavn is non-territorial (technically, but we have plans), At the moment, TorHavn exists more as a culture than as a state; we are an intentional community in the making (officially, but we are also seriously looking into buying land). Once we have land, TorHavn would exist within the territory of the United States as a state within a state, much like the Navajo Nation does.

In other words, We will then exercise (limited) sovereignty over our own territory, and have our own laws & customs (within our own borders), while we ALSO yield to the authority of the United States government when we must, to survive. A good friend of TorHavn's says that Native American nations (who are like "aboriginal" micronations) manage this with the ancestral authority they wield over the territory they claim, and that it is possible, quitely, to do the same with a financial claim.

At that point, TorHavn (as a government) and the United States (as a government) will quite probably exist in a state of "mutual ignorance", that is, we shall "ignore" each other.

Has TorHavn seceded from the USA? Are you a real place?
Not yet. TorHavn was conceived as a "model-country project" in 1999, OFFICIALLY as an eco-friendly intentional community. Within the next few years, we shall purchase land, and then declare our own independence --- but quitely. We choose to grow and attain our complete independence over the course of time, rather than through conflict, harassment, or revolution.

We will ALSO point out that (other) micronations have sent out "notices of secession" to their "parent [macro-] nation" before, and (in general), these are ignored, so long as they don't "rock the boat" (like stockpile large numbers of "bang-bangs," shoot the postman or meter reader, or put barricades and "big guns" on the borders. In the words of a favorite fictional fireman of ours, "That would be bad").

WHY so serious? Why can't we just create change from within?
(Some well-respected micronations never seek or achieve statehood)
Every micronation is founded for its own reason. Many are for fun. Some seek to create change within their own "influence," and some, like Falkenberg, actually seeks land & statehood. Most of these last do so because of a lack they see around them.

We must because WE CARE about what WE are seeing today in society.--- we have seen what's happening in the world lately. Working within the system DOES NOT WORK. So we must TRY it ourselves.

We are looking to return to a different time & place, where nobility as a quality and honour stay important, where the Head of State and the citizens of a place have an implicit agreement to respect and honour each other (there's that word again). We seek a place where old values now forgotten except by those counted as anachronists are still ..... well, valued. We are serious about this because we must be if what we believe is to survive the chaos approaching on tiny, cat-feet.

That having been said, we do NOT believe in direct confrontation (No Waco "wackos" are welcome). We prefer, instead, to quietly mind our own business, pay our taxes (as foreign tribute or as fees paid for services rendered) and obey the U.S. laws. Someday we will have complete independence, and we are willing to wait.....

You keep talking about all this "chaos a-coming." What does that really mean?.
The current Society has turned many of our neighbours into a group of self-serving, short-sighted, wasteful, lazy, people who use excuses to explain away why the world is in such a state. We who care for the Earth and our honour watch as those who don't care stay in power. It cannot last for long, this stressed-out world. Something has GOT to give.

We need do nothing but watch for opportunity; people who have less to gain and more to lose will create stress. The society we live in is flawed, and people want things to be "different." This is what we mean when we say "chaos is coming."

Are we looking to "take over the world?" Do we want a one-world government or economy? Chaos? Anarchy? For all "evil people" to die? The end of the world (as we know it)?

In a word: N O.   All we REALLY want is our own place, where we can defend our way of life, to nurture the Earth, cherish honour, nobility, chivalry, and to prove our point without interference, so that our world can flourish in an old way that's become brand new again .... "that honour never fade."

You all sound crazy! Aren't you all (a bunch of) gun-toting fanatics?

Of course not. We don't even LIKE guns much. We prefer "embellishments" that are more apropos to our "special needs" ---- like swords, daggers, crossbows, chain mail, etc (heh-heh-heh...)

Seriously, however, it is the general feeling in TorHavn that a warrior must be face to face with his opponent before understanding him, and must understand him before he can face him. And, in general, our only army (made up of each individual citizen, noble, and monarch) is for defense only.

We've noticed: TorHavn plans to choose its Monarch(s) by the use of some kind of "Crown Tourney," its officials dress medievally, and your government seems medieval. Aren't you part of the SCA?
No. Although we are a monarchist sovereignty group, and although many of our cultural expressions seem medieval, we are not a part of the S.C.A., nor are we actually connected to the Society in any manner whatsoever.

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Incorporated (SCA) is a non-profit corporation educational founded in the United States of America that seems to be like a secessionist government of sorts, BUT which is not. The main purpose of the S.C.A. is to study the Middle Ages & Renaissance period of European history & culture, and to provide, through experience, a "hands-on" view of the crafts, combat skills, science, literature, and technology of that period of time. But although the Kingdom of TorHavn and the "Empire of SCA" (as the citizens of TorHavn affectionately label the Society) have exchanged pleasantries and even though we have granted the S.C.A. a kind of unilateral recognition, We are aware that, in truth, the Society has never actually claimed to be a state or even sovereign nation (despite their titles of nobility, its kingdoms and principalities), nor is it likely that they will do so anytime in the future (what a pity). we have no actual connection to or association with the Society in any way

And, although the SCA resembles a sort of empire, it is not. And, perhaps unfortunately, most members of the SCA either unconsciously or consciously believe that monarchy is actually an "anachronism," instead of being a role model for monarchists everywhere that it should be.

How do I become a Citizen here?
First: you should probably take a little tour through our quaint little nation. Plus, even though we will have land some day, we will still welcome internet or virtual citizens (after all, loving the Earth and/or the warrior lifestyle knows no borders). Secondly: you would (of course) need to apply. Click here (Of course, we'd love to include you as one of us)!!!

Please DO remember:    TorHavn (1):is a monarchy, (2):counts ecology before human convenience, and (3):prizes citizen participation above all else (actions do speak louder than words)].

How does my government open diplomatic relations with you?
IE: I represent a model country/micronation/etc. and wish for your country to Recognize me)

Send an e-mail to our government at [email protected]. Please include as much information about your nation as possible. Bear in mind, TorHavn has certain set requirments, and can no longer recognize micronational simulations, fantasy nations (or those with outstanding fantasy elements) or nations that (intend to) exist only online. Rather we will only recognize those "micro"nations actually seeking independence, or those nations that are already independent.

We applaud even those fictional nations whose purposes and ideals mirror our own and will certainly support the application of such nations into those fellowships that we also belong to (so long as they qualify).   As a micronational comrade in arms, we wish we could do more. As a nation hoping for the ultimate expression of our sovereignty, we dare not at this time.

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