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    What is a micronation?

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    Other FAQs...

    Please note: TorHavn is a diarchy (dual monarchy), under Enlightened Absolutism: there is a Pact between Monarch and Subject. [Click here to read about it.]

    Every Landed Citizen swears an Oath of Loyalty.   [click here to read it]   [Virtual Citizens may also swear, if they wish



    How You Can Get Involved...

    First of all, you can live the ideals of TorHavn at home, at work and from day to day. That is most important; recycle EVERYTHING, learn to defend yourself and your ideals, and be courteous and chivalrous at all times.

    Secondly, you can help TorHavn to grow, both on the Internet, and in reality. You can cautiously talk about it to other people, put out flyers (we have one), and, in general, spread the word.

    And, of course, become a citizen of TorHavn. Not only will you support our cause, but citizens who contribute by suggesting laws, donating funds or materials,, etc., but earn a Crown (TCr) for each time they do (which is put in a special account for them, and which they may collect when TorHavn moves onto its land purchase.

    Finally, you can buy " souvenirs" and other items from this site, to help build the "land fund" so that we can make TorHavn a reality. Of course, any donations to TorHavn are gratefully accepted. TorHavn is currently attempting to be registered as a nonprofit intentional community. Please help us.

    Why? First: it is important to realize that, as a aspiring nation which is currently nonterritorial, TorHavn is unable to (a) assess or levy taxes on its citizens (we do have a plan for a flat sales tax, but that is for the future), (b) unable to charge a toll for access to or safe passage over TorHavnian roads, services, or etcetera. TorHavn has no legal jurisdiction over any particular territory on this planet.

    Yet: according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the UDHR), TorHavn, has the same rights as any other nation, state, country or territory. We simply do not yet have the same privileges as countries as England, austrailia, America, or etc. such as official recognition, a large numbers of citizens, or total control over a specific territory.

    Being without territory is something like renting instead of owning property. It also means that we must look elsewhere for monetary help. Currently, TorHavn is entirely dependent on the efforts of its citizens and its own governmental personnel for any sort of economy.

    Since there are expenses (small, but necessary), plus the aim of TorHavn to obtain sovereign land, we do need your help. Furthermore, it is the intention of the TorHavn Project to assign all monies not used in maintenance of the site to the Land Fund, which will be used solely for the acquisition of land in the Northern California area, for the purpose of landed sovereignty.

    Any and all donations to TorHavn, therefore, are more than appreciated, they are a symbol of support for our cause. No monies donated to us will go to any one person's pocket. The TorHavn Project is currently looking into the registration as a nonprofit corporation (of course, any help or advice regarding this would be appreciated).

    If you wish to make a donation to The The TorHavn Land Fund with your Visa® or MasterCard®, please click the PayPal graphic below, and follow the simple instructions. Once you've registered, you will need to use our Email: [email protected]

    By the way: we very much recommend Paypal for your own purposes. Palpal allows for secure donations with your Visa®, MasterCard®, or checking account, whether you're American, or Canadian, British, Australian, Irish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Swiss, Italian, Israeli, South African, or Japanese!!

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