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    Please note: TorHavn is a diarchy (dual monarchy), under Enlightened Absolutism: there is a Pact between Monarch and Subject. [Click here to read about it.]

    Every Landed Citizen swears an Oath of Loyalty.   [click here to read it]   [Virtual Citizens may also swear, if they wish


    ...   Artists & artisans, craftspeople & teachers, tacticians & strategists, hunters & farmers, healers, dreamers, brave, courageous people who are not afraid to start anew ...

    Extensive though it might be, this website is only the smallest part of what we are.   Unfortunately, it is so very hard to envision an entire nation by its online presence. The greatest resource any country has to offer the world is its people; we are less than nothing without them. Nothing can define the bonds of comraderie, and the strong sense of duty, honour and dedication that can be yours here, except for experiencing it.

    Our way of life is emblazoned on the hearts of all of us who truly live here in TorHavn. We hear the call of the Warrior and Protector, who fills the souls of any who love the Great Earth Mother and Her children, and who enjoins us to walk the twinfold Path.

    It can be cold out there in the world, and it often feels like no one cares. That is so very sad: WE CARE.   We think that it's our citizens that make our quaint little country unique. But the recipe is not yet complete ... for it is lacking the most important ingredient Come: taste the magic that many different spices and flavors can make out something so very simple. We welcome you.

    Through our unique mixture of ecology and honour (concepts we have always felt walk hand-in-=hand), you can find yourself in TorHavn.   What is possible here?   You can be anything in TorHavn --- even King or Queen.   It only takes a moment of decision, but we can last forever. TorHavn is already known for Her stance on war, on honour, and on the Earth, who is our Mother. Our mission, as a nation, is to make our Kingdom a physical place, and we mean to make it happen.   We need you.

    The Bureau of Immigration is seeking special people, who wish to contribute to what we like to call the Viridian Realm.   If you like what you have seen and heard regarding us, we encourage you to take that "leap of faith" and pursue citizenship in the Kingdom of TorHavn.   Believe in us; we believe in you.

    Comments?   The Bureau of Internet Affairs wants to know.
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