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Please rest assured that any information remains strictly confidential.

Unfortunately, due to the Conch Republic© and Sealand© situation, we do require your real name, full address, and a verifiable email address. Upon receipt of your application, you will be emailed nearly ASAP.

Your application will remain pending until you have emailed us back to confirm. In addition, no application will be processed until all required fields have been supplied.

Please be advised that, in matters of online legal correspondance, a verifiable email address can be counted as a viable substitute for a signature. If you do not feel comfortable using this online form, you may, if you wish, fill out the form, save it to your hard drive, and either email it to us at: [email protected]

Click here to go to anyplace (else) in our quaint little country.

Again, we thank you.

Name of Applicant:  

Date of Birth:  

Street Address:  

City, State & Zip Code
(Or City, Region, Postal Code):

Country of Residence:  

E-Mail Address:  


Marital status  
(*)In the Codex Rex of TorHavn, cohabiting with a lifetime partner (of whatever gender) for a period of at least two years will count THE SAME as a marriage, as would any formal registration, whether civil or religious.

Number of dependent minors   (Below 15 years of age)

URL of homepage, if applicable

Where did you first hear of TorHavn?
One of TorHavn's Allies
A Discussion Group
Result of Search

Current National Affiliations
What is your current "official" nationality?

*** Are you already a citizen of another micronation, or have an (active) application for citizenship in another micronation?

What is your current micro-nationality?

Personal qualifications
What interests, skills, hobbies, personal attributes, etc. do you Have which you feel uniquely qualifies you to be granted citizenship?

What do you expect of the Kingdom of TorHavn, should you be granted citizenship?

What can the Kingdom of TorHavn expect of you, should you be granted citizenship?

In addition, please take a moment and check each box to show that you understand the following:

I affirm that I understasnd that the first priority of TorHavn is ecological -- that the Earth comes first, and that laws passed by the Crown will reflect this. I also affirm that I am willing to live by the Codex Rex in that regard as a loyal subject of the Realm.

I affirm that I have studied the Laws re: Citizenship, and the Laws re: a citizen's rights, and that, if there were any questions, I have asked them already.

I understand and accept that citizenship, should it be granted, enhances, but does not invalidate, any existing citizenship.

  I understand and accept that the Kingdom of TorHavn is, at present, non-territorial, and currently an aspiring state and cannot provide access to immigration or relocation services by the use of this citizenship program.

I understand and accept that I may renounce my citizenship at any time, subject to notification in writing to the Minister of National Affairs and the return of all Citizenship and Personal Identification documentation to the Ministry thereof.

I understand and accept that all citizenship documentation as issued to me by the Ministry of National Affairs shall remain the property of TorHavn and must be surrendered to appropriately authorised representatives of the Kingdom upon request.

I understand and accept that the information provided within this application is strictly confidential and will not be communicated to any third party, except in the case of formal written request by foreign governmental agencies.

I affirm that the information provided about myself above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Please add any comments you have below:

Be advised that this form uses e-mail to send your application to TorHavn's Bureau of Immigration. After clicking the button above, count to twenty (20), and then click here to travel back to the lobby of this Embassy. We will process your application as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience ... TorHavn Ministry of National Affairs

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