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National Symbols


Our Seal

The seal consists of symbolic images which define what We are as a nation. The Crown shows the world that We are a monarchy, with a certain responsibility towards Our People. The scales are a symbol of Balance, which we try to maintain by Our duty towards the land and the citizens of the Realm (the double-edged sword that acts as the fulcrum of the Nation shows that Balance is also twin-edged).

The scale is crimson, for royalty and the sword is black & silver, for strength (black) and balance (grey/silver). The background is also black, for space & Our power as a nation. The moebius strip is symbolic of both eternity & a science that is older than technology. It is gold, for (inner) wealth, and our future. The seal is in the shape of a round shield, because we are a race of warriors.

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Our Flag

The flag is derived from Our seal, save that it rests on a field of green, Our signature color. This symbolizes the land that We protect, both as a nation and as Guardians of the Earth. The size & shape is nearly unique, so that visitors and other countries will never forget us, and it also symbolizes economy of resources (hence: ecology).

And, unlike some other micronations, our flag design has been made manifest. Happily, a local company has rendered Our motif into layered cotton & color. Though it has only flown once, its manifestation gives hope to a small few who await the Days of Chaos, which shall give us our future.

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