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Article 1: TorHavn's Citizens

  1. Citizens of the Realm are all those people granted citizenship as detailed by law or those children who are either:

    • Under the age of 15 at the time of the naturalization
      of their parent(s).
    • Born after the naturalization of their parent(s).

  2. In general: There are three levels of Citizenship:

    1. Honorary (like a membership: who may be dual [micro-]citizens),
    2. Virtual, with (part or full-time) participation. Rewards are given for their support of TorHavn operations, and
    3. Landed (where, if they could, they would live on the land).

  3. In return for service to the Crown, all citizens are guaranteed:

  1. A permanent seat in the House of Commons (unless forcibly removed from same for dishonour);
  2. The indisputable right to suggest laws which shall shape the future of TorHavn
  3. First rights to have land ceded to him/her once land has been claimed for TorHavn;
  4. The opportunity to earn rewards for this selfsame service to the Crown;
  5. The opportunity to earn the Heir's Crown, and be Acclaimed by the People;
Article 2 Nature of the Kingdom

  • The official languages of the Realm, in order of precedence are American English, Esperanto & Laadan.

    • When schools for the betterment of the TorHavnian people are established, an elementary class in the the basic use of Esperanto shall be formed, whereby it is a regular part of the school systems' curriculum.

  • The full name of the Realm is "The Kingdom of TorHavn". The short form of the State's name is "TorHavn". The three-letter abbreviation is TOR.

  • The Kingdom of TorHavn is a sovereign, absolute monarchy. This Codex Rex, as ratified by the Crown, is deemed the ultimate law of the Kingdom.

  • An absolute monarchy is one where the Monarch not only reigns, but rules as well, a Feudatory Realm, where the Monarch is its head, who rules and governs by decree, edict, orders-in-council and statutes, (eventually) aided by Twin Houses of Council.

  • TorHavn shall be ruled by twin Monarchs at all times, whether they be King(s) or Queen(s), and whether or not Partnered to one another or not (c.f.) --- due to the fact that (1) two [crowned] heads are better than one; (2) to better share in the burdens of monarchy (whatever they be); (3) Other Kingdoms have been ruled by twin Monarchs; so shall we.
  • Article 3 Royal and National Heraldry, National Symbols, and National Capitol

    1. The coat of arms and seal of the Kingdom of TorHavn is a round shield of space black; resting within this circle is a classical scales, a twin-edged daggar as the fulcrum, point down, surmounted by a simple crown, all over an infinity symbol below the scales.

    2. The flag of the Kingdom of TorHavn is the nation's seal, resting on a square field of forest green.

    3. The royal coat of arms and seal shall be a a horizontal, crimson bladed, longsword, pointed left, over a jadegreen heater-styled shield, within a blank, white circle, which is surmounted by a simple crown (the Sword & Shield of TorHavn). Each Co-Monarch shall choose for Him or Herself their own symbol (either Sword or Shield) within the circle, surmounted by the Crown.

    4. The national motto is "Loyalty above all else ... except honour."

    5. The national anthem of the Kingdom of TorHavn is "THAT HONOUR NEVER FADE." which is a filk based on and sung to the tune of "THE HERALD'S CREED," by Dame Cecilia Eng, property of Ms. Eng & Firebird Arts.

    6. The landed capitol of the Kingdom of TorHavn shall be determined by legislation. Until such time, it shall be the Royal Palace of the Crown, and Sequoia, TorHavn's CyberCapital.


    Article 1: General Provisions

    1. Presently, TorHavn's "territorial kingdom" will be limited to embassies established in other nations granting formal (active or passive) diplomatic recognition to TorHavn, until such time as we buy or are granted lands to pursue the intermediary goal of an intentional community which demonstrates the benefits of (a) a monarchist governmental system, and (b) an ecological community that seeks the "minimum solution".

    2. Currently, TorHavn does not claim any territory or part thereof currently claimed or administered by another nation; therefore, we have no transnational disputes (whether or not pending).

    3. This does not mean, however, that (dire) circumstances allowing, We may not or shall not ever claim any land(s) previously claimed or administered by any other nation. If, in the course of human events, or if catastrophe occurs, and such land(s) are either ceded to TorHavn, or abandoned by said nation(s), or if bought by the Crown, TorHavn shall not hesitate to place it in Her loving hands.

    4. THEREFORE: LET IT BE KNOWN BY ALL HERE PRESENT THAT, once this DOES occur, we shall not so easily give it up again, but instead We shall prove, beyond any doubt, that we were meant to care for these lands. While circumstances will have to be dire for us to take, not buy, we are confident that Day shall come. We shall wait; We can be patient.

    5. As this nation presently exists within the boundaries of another, TorHavn officially recognizes that we must, at this time, temper our Policies & Principles by the laws of the nation within which we reside. we do understand that some of our Principles (Laws & Covenants) are mitigated & held in abeyance by the current laws of that state & country.

    Article 2: The Shires

    As Regards Population of the Shires

    1. To properly administer to the needs of the Kingdom, nongeographic divisions shall be established within the Kingdom. These shall be called Shires, in the age old fashion of Kingdoms past. Citizens are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in the affairs of their Shire, and to inform the Bureau of Communications the events and news of their part of the Kingdom. In such a way shall the Kingdom of TorHavn be kept informed on behalf of its Citizens.

    2. In honor of the non-territorial origins & current situation of the Kingdom, these Shires shall remain to a great extent ephemeral. At the moment when TorHavn establishes landed sovereignty, baronies & duchies, in addition to these Shires shall also be establshed.

    3. The population of the Kingdom shall be divided into eight Shires, symbolic of the entire Earth and six mainland continents; a seventh Shire, representing any geographical island, including England, Hawaii, BUT NOT AUSTRALIA, and including Antartica (on that day when Antartica is claimed and administered by a separate power) will be established. Also: on that grand & glorious day when outerspace is settled and administered by nation-states or city-states, an eighth Shire, representing this area, shall be also establshed.

    4. Upon becoming a citizen of the Kingdom a person shall be assigned to a particular Shire by the Seneschal. The assignment of citizens shall be in a manner to keep the population of the various Shires as equal as is possible and shall not consider the identity, gender, religion, creed, or origins of the citizen, nor shall any other factor influence the Seneschal in the assignment of citizens to Shires.

    5. In exception to the above, spouses shall be assigned to the same Shire, as shall minor children. On their fifteenth birthday minor children are assigned to a Shire of residence at the discretion of the Seneschal.

    6. The Royal Families shall be part of no Shire and shall not participate in voting for the Council. This shall neither limit the status of their citizenship in the Kingdom nor their ability to vote in elections for the Senate.

    Article 2 Shire Governors

    1. The population of a Shire shall be administered by a Governor appointed directly by the Co-Monarchs.

    2. As agents of the Co-Monarchs, Governors have many responsibilities, including, but not limited to:
    3.   (a) The protection of the rights of the citizens of the Shire.

        (b) The defense of the Shire from enemies of the Crown.

        (c) The enforcement of the Laws of the Kingdom and this Codex.

        (d) Ensuring that the Crown is aware of the concerns, problems, and thoughts of the citizens of the Shire.

        (f) Advising the Shire's Council member in matters pertaining to the Shire.

    4. Citizens of a Shire may petition their Governor concerning their particular concerns. The Governor must respond within one month unless the petition asks for an investigation into the commission of a crime or the denial of a citizen's rights; in those cases the Governor or his designated officer(s) must begin an investigation within one week.

    5. Citizens can likewise petition the Co-Monarchs concerning their Governor. The Co-Monarch must respond within one month unless the petition asks for an investigation into the commission of a crime or the denial of a citizen's rights by the Governor; in those cases the Co-Monarchs and the Minister of State or the Co-Monarch's officer(s) must begin an investigation within one week.

    6. The Co-Monarchs may remove a Governor at will. If a majority of the citizens of the Shire request an explanation for the removal, the Co-Monarch may provide one in writing. The Co-Monarchs is, of course, not obliged to do so.

    7. Any Governor found guilty of Treason, Bribery, non-involuntary Murder, or the denial of a citizen's rights must be removed by the Crown.

    8. In general: a Governor may administer his Shire freely, so long as he or she stays cognizant of the Codex Rex, and does not violate (a) the Codex; (b) the Pact between Monarch & Subject, or (c) the Covenants of Human Rights.

    9. Shire Governors shall sit on the House of Peers when appointed; they may, of course, send Proxies to Council in their stead. Governors shall be ennobled by Appointment; their heirs may also be ennobled at Will by the Crown (and the Crown may also grant them permanent Title at will.

    10. On retirement from office, The Crown may either rescind the exGovernor's Title or may grant it in perpetuity, and to their Heirs, in gratitude for excellent service (as with any granted Title of Nobility).

    Article 3: SHIRE NAMES

    To signify the main geographic feature of each Shire, each shall be named thusly (and in Esperanto, to give homage to the Secondary Language of the Realm:)

    1. North America (Canada/USA/Mexico/Central Am): Shire of Kampoj (Great Plains)

    2. South America (the countries therein): Shire of Montoj (the Andes)

    3. Europe/Sweden/Norway: Shire of Riveroj (the Danube)

    4. Asia (China/Russia/India/SE Asia): Shire of Nejventejoj (the Snows)

    5. Africa: Shire of Jangaloj (the Jungle)

    6. Australia: Shire of Sabloj (the Sands)

    7. All islands (Britain/Hawaii/etc.): Shire of Insuloj (the Islands)

    8. All Outerspace (the Moon/Mars/etc.) Shire of Steloj (the Stars)

    Article 4: On Provinces

    1. On the day that TorHavn establishes landed sovereignty, provinces will eventually be created for tghe administration of the local needs of the people.

    2. Provinces shall be adminsitered by Governors, who shall essentially follow the same guidelines of Shire Governors, and who shall serve until retirement, death, or removal from their post, as a result of dishonour.

    3. Provinces shall also be named in Esperanto, to express support for Esperanto as a secondary language.

    4. Other Articles and Provisions shall be established for the care, development and maintenance of these Provinces, in accordance with TorHavnian law, as defined int he Codex Res.

    #3: Objectives & Goals
    #5: Principles of Principle
    Table of Contents

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