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    Are We "Legal"?

    Welcome to the doorway which leads to the message board.

    since there are many excellent discussion boards, listed in the Weekly Sentinel, we usually post our views and news on those forums. The forum you are about to enter is mostly for the posting of specific messages for specific Ministries or issues particular to the Kingdom of TorHavn

    Before you enter, please take note of the fact that we will not tolerate any of the following abuses of the forums:

    • Spam
    • Threats
    • Obscene Language
    • Treason
    • Outright Rudeness

    By clicking below, to enter the forum, you agree to partake in none of the above.  Thank you.

    Click Here to Enter the Message Forum

    We also recommend:
    Use this board to list new micronations, or notices about events, etc.: Micronational Notice Board

    Micronationalism Yahoo! Group
    (Note: Must have Yahoo! ID to post ... )

    The "Micro-Nations.comg" Discussion Forum >


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