What's In It For Me?
There are three levels of citizenship, to be measured by the degree of participation:

(A) Honorary: like a yearly membership. While it is free (as are all levels), honorary citizen rosters are purged each year, to encourage participation. Also: an honorary citizen may also be a micronational citizen in any other nation which (a) TorHavn is not enemies with, and (b) which also allows dual citizenship.

On the other hand, an honorary citizen's record will NOT be purged if:

  • this citizen registers as a Virtual Citizen or a Landed Citizen (see below.
  • this citizen suggests a law to the Commons.
  • this citizen votes on a law.
  • this citizen send a "hardcopy" of having: (a) joined an ecology group; (b) joined a warrior-type group; (c) proof of recycling in any amount over 1 dollar/pound/crown/etc. By "hardcopy" we mean either a fax (of a receipt or membership card or etc.), sent to our fax # (253-276-6934) or by email attachment to [email protected], or by "snail mail".
(B)A virtual Citizen is someone who actually participates in the running of the government or in the lifestyle or "culture" of TorHavn, to the best of their ability. Once entered, virtual citizenship is permanent (however, if a year passes without any "visible" participation, status will be degraded to "honorary" and purged 1 year later.

Virtual citizens are NOT encouraged to have dual citizenship in any other micronation (because being a citizen should be a semi-"fulltime" affair), but the Crown may waive that requirement at Their will..

Every citizen of TorHavn may:

(1) participate in the establishment of laws in TorHavn. Laws passed by the Commons travel to the Peers (Upper House), where the opinions of the Nobles present are thereby made known to the Crown, who will then ratify it.

All citizens are Councilors on the Lower House of Council (the House of Commons will be established when the number of citizens reaches 25). Later, when the population reaches a point where direct voting in the Lower House becomes impractical (!), then proxy representatives shall be chosen instead).

All Councilors (of both Houses) serve for life, unless forcibly removed. Any citizen may sponsor a Law to the Lower House themselves (or may, if ennobled, carry it to the Commons, as a Petitioner).

(2) IF ennobled -- sit on the Upper House instead of the Lower House, to advise the Twin Monarchs in time of need. Any citizen may aspire to the Knighthood, or may receive ennobling from the Crown for service rendered or great deeds done.

Not only does the Virtual Citizen earn the accolade & gratitude of the Crown, but will earn one (1) TorHavnian Crown (to be held for the Citizen until landed sovereignty is gained) for every year that he or she participates, (1) in the running of the government or (2) in the lifestyle of Torhavn (as above: as a eco-nation or warrior nation).

Once landed sovereignty has been established, those who have been earning Crowns may either (1) have them applied to the tax (sales tax or property tax: citizen's choice) levied to all Citizen, or (2) may have these deposited in the 1st Royal Bank of TorHavn, when it is established.

(C) A Landed Citizen is more or less like a Virtual Citizen, except that he or she has chosen to "live on the land", whether or not they do at the time (in other words: if I could, I would). A Landed Citizen shall have sworn the Oath of Citizenship to the Crown (who shall also have sworn an equivocable Oath to the Cirizen)

Regarding the Land: Land will be apportioned 75% to the citizenry and 25% to the Crown (public buildings and Sequoia City). Every Landed Citizen has first choice of land, and may have one (1) parcel per "mouth to feed" (or family member), and may have 1/2 parcel of land for pets (dogs or horses). Note: livestock, if owned, shall be identity-marked and house & fed together. Officially & legally, the land will be belong to the Crown (in the person of the Twin Monarchs (like a partnership), to protect the land.

A Landed Citizen may also receive Baronial or Ducal ennobling, in return for (agreeing to) administer(ing) the land.

Also: a Landed Citizen receives one Crown (TrC) for each instance of participation (or multiples thereof), as above.

Even though there is currently no actual territory claimed, we have established a "capital city" -- which we have named: Sequoia (Cyber)City. Any and all citizens have the indisputable right to "live" in Sequoia, and have their home page or business listed here for free (like having their house or business "built" there. All we ask is that those who list with us link back to us. One button (click here for the graphic & directions. Of course, if you come up with a design, we'd be happy to list it here, too!)

Anything is possible.

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