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    What If I Wanted To Start My Own....

    ... micronation??? A good place to start is the Micronation and Sovereignty Website index which lists many micronations, where you can read about their history, and then develop your own ideas.

    For example, on the Micronations Page, you can read of the most "successful" micronation project, the Principality of Sealand, located on an off-shore platform outside of Britian's territorial waters. While Sealand has yet to be recognized by other "established' countries, its founder Paddy Roy Bates (HRH Prince Roy) does have some valid legal claims.

    There is also a book entitled How to Start Your Own Country written by Erwin S. Strauss and published by Loompanics Unlimited, which has become an unofficial "bible" of the micronation movement.

    We also know that there is a rather extensive book (in French!), entitled: They Do Not Sit At UNO that details more than 600 micronations and micro-states, by the emminent Fabrice O'Driscoll of the French Micropatriological Institute. Sometimes in 2001, it promises to be translated into English. Currently, you may buy the French edition directly, online, or click on the title to see how to communicate directly with the author & publisher. We recommend it.

    But what of actual secession? Let us always remember that probably the two most famous instances of secession have occured in the central part of North America, and one of which still endures today: that being the United States of America (the other being their one civil failure: the confederate States of America).

    Our recommendation? To paraphrase the words of one of Our beloved allies: the Republic of Molossia, go ahead if you think it important, but don't stockpile weapons (especially if they go "boom!"), don't stop paying your taxes (you can think of it as foreign aid; or fee(s) for services rendered [such as hospitals, roads, airports, etc.] if you like),and don't shoot the mailman.

    Fly your flag proudly, tell all your friends, make whatever plans you think are appropriate (TorHavn is buying land for an "intentional community" --- for example). Some more consider themselves a protectorate of the "U.S. of A" and another micronation considers itself a principality of the monarchy it currently "resides" in.

    Some are buying land, moving in and putting up "fences." Some macronations have been approached to sell small, "unwanted" islands and coastal areas. One micronation even "declared war on the nation it was "surrounded" by (on all sides!) and it was a little like "what if they gave a war and nobody came?" What might happen? Maybe nothing (but don't be surprised if somebody in a a "MIB" black suit shows up to ask some questions that are "just routine, ma'm.")

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