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    So what IS a micronation anyway?

    According to the
    United Nations Organization, a micronation is one which has less than two million citizens. Due to the increase of internet "nation-states", however, the term has come to mean much more than that.

    On this subject, we will quote both from the Sovereign Principality of Corvinia & from Nova Roma:

    (Quoting from Corvinia:)

    "Micronations are small, self-declared nations who are unrecognized as actual states by the major powers of the world, and who are generally in control of little or no actual territory.

    "The seriousness of micronations varies; some are merely infantile jokes, others have large populations of acknowledged citizens. Some micronations 'graduate' into true statehood, the Vatican and Palestine being excellent examples hereof (Ed. note:TorHavn agrees ....)."

    Corvinia goes on to mention, elsewhere, that:
    ".... [Corvinia] defines the word "nation" in keeping with common political science, to wit: a group of human beings which possesses the will to be identified as a nation and to determine its common destiny as a nation, and has a common identity which can be historical, racial, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious or territorial. Corvinia accepts the alternate term "a people" to mean "a nation".

    and further defines:
    " ... the word "state" in keeping with the definition originally offered by Max Weber, to wit:

    "ein auf das Mittel der legitimen (das heisst: als legitim angesehenen) Gewaltsamkeit gestütztes Herrschaftsverhältnis von Menschen über Menschen" ["a relation of men dominating men, a relation supported by means of legitimate (i.e. considered to be legitimate) violence" - in Politik als Beruf, 1919].

    A state is thus a political body which has a monopoly on the legitimate exercise of (violent) force within a given territorial space.

    (And from Nova Roma:)

    "Micronations are the smallest form of official nationhood. Usually they are nations with little or no [actual] land, but have had laid claim to sovereign independence & territory. Most are unrecognized by the major countries of the world.

    "In most cases, Micronations are attempts at founding new countries. They often declare cominion over land that actually exists, often tiny, isolated islands, or other areas undeveloped by major world powers. Like other countries, many Micronations have proclaimed declarations of independence, adopted constitutions, sought diplomatic relations, appointed ambassadors, displayed national flags, and [have} issued stamps, passports & currency."

    Through research, we have discovered that there are several different "types" of micronations: ranging from "landed" nations, such as the Principality of Andorra & Barbados, to "model" nations which may have a few as one citizen (who is often the "ultimate dictator & war leader," too). Most people have the impression that a (or any) micronation is an online "Jonestown" --- and everyone involved there equally as loco as that......

    But, in many cases, these people couldn't be more wrong .......

    Our conclusions?

    From all the above (definitions), TorHavn CAN be defined as a nation, but not (yet) as a state. We are a nation in that we have a definitive culture, and a population (however small at this time) that says that it is of TorHavn, but: We cannot be called a state (regrettably).

    Article 1 of the 1933 Montevideo Convention on Rights and Duties of States (some of the text later submitted to the UNO in 1949: click here to view the main body of text regarding same) defines a state as possessing a permanent population (size is not even mentioned), a defined territory, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other states.

    We do meet all these criteria save one: land. We have a sovereign government exercising effective jurisdiction over (a) well-defined territory (our own individual houses & the Internet) with permanent residents, and we have diplomatic relations with several other sovereign entities (nations/states).

    Also: Article 3 of this same Montevideo Convention specifically says that "the political existence of the State is independent of recognition by other States." Although TorHavn has not achieved "landed sovereignty", and is, therefore, not a sovereign state ... still it is not the nature of things to stay the same, We do intend to exercise Our rights as a nation to aspire to statehood at a later date (even if we must "buy" it at first)..

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