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    What is a micronation?

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    Please note: TorHavn is a diarchy (dual monarchy), under Enlightened Absolutism: there is a Pact between Monarch and Subject. [Click here to read about it.]

    Every Landed Citizen swears an Oath of Loyalty.   [click here to read it]   [Virtual Citizens may also swear, if they wish

    Thank you...


    What Is TorHavn?
    (An Overview)

    What's new for the Kingdom of Torhavn?

    TorHavn is currently buying land in an isolated part of NE Nevada, along with the The Republic of Veshault. Within six years, we will own twenty acres, to be used to start the proces of landed sovereignty.

    We are calling the project the City of Microna. When finished, any citizen of Torhavn is invited to move there, if possible. Contact us for further details.

    We are also in the process of minting commerative Crowns, for our third anniversary. The coins will be tinted green, be about the size of a US dollar, and will be sold for the going exchange rate of a Crown (03/02/02: eighty cents). Email us for further details.


    Is TorHavn a secessionist state?

    Not exactly. TorHavn does not support the violent overthrow of the government it is currently under the dominion of. Instead, its secession is intended to be much quieter (We are not "Waco wackos," nor will we shoot the taxman).


    Is TorHavn a "micronation"?

    By the definition of the U.N.O., yes. (Please click on the link above to find out more).


    Is TorHavn a club, "game" or a political simulation?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! The operations of TorHavn are real, EVEN THOUGH IT IS ON A MUCH SMALLER SCALE.

    Our eventual goal will be eventual formal recognition by the macronations of the world ("those who sit at UNO").


    Are you a business or commercial enterprise?

    No. We do not exist to make money. All funds generated via the sale of official merchandise, passports, postage stamps, banknotes either directly support Torhavn's ongoing operations or are targeted for the land fund which will be used solely to buy land for TorHavn. From time to time, TorHavn will also donate funds to international charitable, aid and cultural organisations.


    So what is TorHavn?

    The Kingdom of TorHavn is a legitimate, functioning, primarily non-territorial nation that possesses immanent global sovereignty (even if virtual at this time), and which intends to have more than that soon.. The purpose of TorHavn is to promote tis principles by showcasing them to the world, both as the world's first "green" country, and as a warrior nation.


    Is TorHavn a Dictatorial State?

    No, the Kingdom of TorHavn is far from that.

    According to the " Codex Rex," TorHavn is a Monarchy; this only means that we have a (pair of) Monarchs who reign and rule. Even so, there are Twin Houses of Council, and only a citizen may suggest a law. In addition, if no one casts even one vote of assent, the law dies. No one is elected, for everyone is a member. this combines an element of direct democracy , in that all citizens have a voice in government, should they want it.

    This, we believe, is a government that is free and emocratically sound. The Monarch is the one liable for the running of the government, and if anyone feels they can do better, they may challenge the Monarch that he or she feels isn't doing "their job" (of course, they must earn the Crown, as it was in Sparta and in many other warrior-based nations ... "by test & trial").


    Does TorHavn possess any territory at all?

    For now, We only hold, in dual sovereignty, any and all properties held by the Crown, Government and citizens of TorHavn, although this WILL change.

    We do have plans to purchase twenty acres of US property in an isolated part of Nevada. Once we have done that, the climate of sovereignty will undoubtedly shift.


    How is it possible for a country to exist with virtually no territory?

    Several such recognised states already exist.The Vatican City for example possesses only a few hectares of land and has a mere handful of citizens, also the Sovereign Military Order of Malta has existed as a state without territory since its expulsion from the island of Malta nearly two centuries ago.Both of the aforementioned are widely recognised by UN Member States.


    In light of all the above, what do you mean when you say TorHavn is primarily non-territorial?

    TorHavn is currently considered so because it is right now. But the intent is there; plans are in place to find the funds (and earn them!) to get the land for TorHavn. For now, it is interesting to note that, because we are non-territorial, that the "world's first 'green' country" is everywhere ...and that it is all a matter of choice.

    It is a key contention that whilst Article 1(b) of the Montevideo Convention has hitherto generally comprised the major qualifier for the determination of legitimate statehood, the Internet has made global citizens of us all, and the increasing mobility of this "global populations," and their ability to (instantly) communicate and to form associations based on belief or likes and dislikes, without reference to territorial boundaries might one day render this definition increasingly less relevant.

    We can therefore assert that the primary legitimacy of TorHavn should be determined by its principles and intentions. .


    Are you crazy or completely serious?

    Yes. TorHavn's Declaration of Independence was unilateral and remains unrecognised, however that does not alter the fact of the Viridian Realm's existence. The moment of our acquistion of land, we will restate our Declaration. We also do realize that our broader goals are unlikely to be achieved in the short term.


    Aren't you doing this so that you don't have to pay taxes?

    Of course not. All citizens who reside or work outside our (future) borders must subscribe to the laws that apply in their country of residence or employment, in the same way that all foreign nationals residing or working in other countries do.Besides, we generally like to think of it as "foreign aid" to countries that so obviously need it, or even as fees for services rendered (such as roads, schools, civil services, etc.).


    Where does your population live?

    At the present day the citizens of TorHavn can be found all over the World. Geographically, the world (and outer space) is divided into Shires, which reflect the citizen's place of residence.


    What are your politics?

    Because TorHavn is not a political party it does not espouse or promote a fixed political agenda. Most political views remain a matter of personal choice, although it goes without saying that Torhavn is a monarchy and therefore supports all forms of that system, even as we recognize that all forms of government, from socialism at one end of the spectrum, to libertarianism at the other, remain and help make the "world go round."


    What are your principles?

    TorHavn is founded on three important principles:

    (a) That the only way to survive all that the world can offer us is to make the Earth count first, and to be ready to surrender a little convenience to "make it so," so that we never live on a sterile, conceret covered wasteland.

    (B) The only way to have a mutually beneficial government is for each to swear to the other (both the Crown and the citizens of TorHavn) thathat t they will be loyal to each other, and take care of each other. TorHavn will always have a citizenship based on choice, which we blieve is a very viable basis for sound, stable, progressive, government. This will be the basis for the recognition that all individual rights and social responsibilities must walk hand in hand."

    (C) That eventual global social, economic and political union is both inevitable and desirable.

    Despite the fact that we are an absolute monarchy, TorHavn actually supports a range of extremely liberal personal freedoms and responsibilities normally only considered a facet of a Constituion, guaranteed and founded on the belief in the fundamental equality of all people and the sanctity of the Earth.


    What are your religious views?

    TorHavn is truly secular; the Covenants of the Codex Rex absolutely guaranties freedom of relition to all Her citizens.

    But, having said that, it is important to note that the Crown will also guarantee the right of people NOT to be harassed in the name of espousing one faith over the other. To us, this freedom is twin-edged, and MUST be protected.


    What does it cost to join?

    There are no fees to become a Citizen of TorHavn. In the future, there MAY be a cost for documentation, but that is for the future.


    How do I become a citizen of the Kingdom of TorHavn?

    Those wishing to apply for citizenship can use the site's online form, or use email instead. Because Torhavn is currently non-territorial (and yet also plans to be territorial in the future), the Ministry of National Affairs requires both a verifiable email address (we will send a confirmation of your application), and a postal address.


    What can I do as a citizen of TorHavn?

    Nearly anything! Observe:

    TorHavn is the first country that is "green" by design, and so participation can range from telling people about us (either as an intentional community in the making, or as a nation seeking land), to recycling as much as you possibly can. In a way, you will hasten the ability of TorHavn to seek its goals when you live the concept of TorHavn. This can essentially unlimited.

    Plus: participation in the public administration of TorHavn is encouraged. Citizens are all members of the Lower House of Council, and may suggest a law which will go into effect when we do hand land, or may be appointed as a Minister of the Privy Council. By service to the people and Crown of TorHavn, one might be knighted.

    We also encourage our citizens to explore business or trade opportunities (the cyber-city of Sequoia is always looking for new businesses to open up there), to promote open discussions, debating our Policyes, or to provide practical, material or in-kind support as their other duties allow and as their interests inspire.

    We also encourage our citizens to move to our new city in Nevada. since plans are not yet finished, this is the time for all new citizens to make suggestions for city-wide government!


    what if I have more questions? Where can I find out more?

    If you have more questions, please browse through the question pages on the left side-bar. They will hopefully answer most of your questions.


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