Beta Unreal

Here you'll find lots of resources related to the pre-release (e.g. alpha, beta) versions of Unreal. This page contains some general links. For more specific stuff, look into the subpages.

The oldest files are from 1994. The oldest playable build is from September 1995. Unreal has gone through multiple shifts of art direction. There were two major purges: in May 1997 and in/after March 1998. Unreal was released in 1998. The final version contained about 1/3 of what was originally created.

In parallel with the Unreal game, the Unreal Engine was being developed. Nowadays (2023), it has evolved into one of the most advanced and popular game engines. Here, its earliest stages can be seen.

Early Unreal website
Unreal 1 Trivia Thread
HyperNL's beta section
The Cutting Room Floor
Leo (T.C.K.)'s rare stuff
BeyondUnreal thread
BetaArchive thread 1
BetaArchive thread 2
Unreal Wiki: Unreal cut content
The Lost Expansion Packs 1 (beware the spambot)
The Lost Expansion Packs 2
OldUnreal thread
GamesHarder's Image and Video Collection

Recommended programs for viewing files:
7-Zip - for .7z archives
VLC or ffplay - for videos saved in old strange formats
IrfanView - for .pcx textures
ModPlugPlayer - for .umx music
U3DBinRead for .3d models
DOSBox - for MS-DOS executables

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