Title: Spy In Our Midst

Author: Silver ([email protected])




Spy In Our Midst 2 - Day One: Easier Than Imagined

By Silver


A few hours later Remy joined the members of the team in the kitchen for breakfast. "Bon matin mes amis." He called cheerfully, pulling a mug from the cabinet and pouring him a cup of coffee from his personal coffee pot, no one else knowing how to make his idea of good coffee.
"Sleep well Gumbo?" Logan asked, snagging a stack of pancakes from the platter and dousing them in syrup. "Like a bebe." Remy reached over Logan and grabbed a strip of bacon, brushing his hand against Logan's as he did so. He smiled at them again and exited the way he'd entered, heading back to his room. Changing from pajamas to swimming trunks, he grabbed a towel and went out to the pool.
"Logan. Full o' s'prises today, aren't ya?" Remy said by way of greeting at seeing the other man sitting at the poolside deck. Without waiting for an answer, Remy dove into the cool water and surfaced with barely a ripple, throwing his head back to move the wet strands of hair from his face. "Since yer here, wanna count laps for moi?"
"Sure Gumbo, why not." Remy smiled and began to swim, cutting through the water easily, each stroke steady.
Logan took this time to get a good look at the Cajun. This was one of the very few times he'd ever seen him without his trenchcoat and the only time he'd seen him shirtless, or wearing shorts for that matter. Logan's eyes drifted shamelessy upward from Remy's feet to legs and further. His body was muscular but not overly so. Long and lean, in prime shape underneath the flawless and unmarked skin.
Nearly unmarked, he amended, seeing an angry red mark on his skin near the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Looked like whoever he'd been with had been eager. He was also impossibly pale from the winter and his aversion to being outdoors often. His eyes wandered higher to watch his face as he
just lay on the water, floating on his back as easily as a piece of driftwood, the tang of sweat mixing with the stinging scent of chlorine.
Remy's eyes were closed as he faced the sun, his hair spread out on the water like a type of flowing stream of dark crimson strands. Long lashes fluttered against high cheekbones, full lips parted slightly in a breathy sigh of contentment. In one sinous move Remy flipped back, diving underwater and resurfaced facing Logan, startling him from his thoughts.
"I counted vingt. Et tu?"
"Same thing kid. Twenty before you started to backfloat. Looked like a damned log on a river."
"Ah, but a piece o' wood not look as good as Gambit, eh mon ami?"
"You're full of yerself kid."
"P'etre. Mais Remy only say what's true. Can't help it dat he's tres beaux." As much as it irritated him, Logan couldn't disagree. Remy placed his hands on the hot concrete and pushed himself out of the water, standing up and wiping his face with the towel. Once again Logan let himself look at the body in front of him, water dripping down the lithe form of his team member. "Merci for de comp'ny while swimmin' Adieu pour maintenant, oui?"
"Yeah Cajun. See ya later." Logan replied distractedly, trying to analyze the feelings that washed over him whenever he saw the thief.
Scott sat on the chair beside Logan. "You've got a thing for Remy too."
"How did you??"
"C'mon Logan, it's obvious. At least to me it is."
"Well, maybe I do Slim. That a problem?"
"Well, I don't want it to change anything."
"Don't worry, it doesn't really."
"Wait a second? Too? Who else does?"
"You're looking at him." Logan stared at the field leader in disbelief.
"Whoa whoa whoa? You have a crush on Gumbo?"
"I wouldn't call it a crush."
"I would." Logan snorted.
"Then so do you, Claw Boy."
"Maybe crush is the wrong word." Logan hastily amended, no longer laughing.
"Thought you'd change your mind." Scott smirked.
"So we're still ok?"
"Perfectly ok. Just found something else in common."
"Ya mean besides insatiable sexual energy?" Logan leered, leaning in closer to Scott.
"Yeah." Scott slid back. "Not here Logan. Too many people come here."
"Gimme a few minutes and we'll definitly have someone "cumming" here."
"Dirty old man."
"So?" Logan shrugged, standing up and offering Scott a hand up.
Scott took it, chuckling. "I'll see you tonight alright?"
"Fine? Oh and Slim?" Scott turned back and Logan tilted his head capturing the taller man's lips in a harsh kiss. They pulled back a minute later and Logan winked at the other mutant. "See ya tonight."
"Goodbye Logan." Logan laughed watching Scott's retreating, well formed backside disappear from view before going his own way, towards the forest.

A pair of red eyes glowed in the shadows of the trees and Remy smiled gleefully. "Dis gonna be easier dan Gambit t'ought." He muttered happily, whistling tunelessly as he entered the mansion and made his way to his room.


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