Common Core - March 2008

New Reading Test

Hadj Ali (have) got a single tall and beautiful daughter. Her name (be) Salwa and she (be) one of my teachers. She (teach) us French. She usually (go) to work on foot because their house (be) not far from school. She always (carry) her multicolour satchel. Her students (love) her very much and she also (adore) them because they (be) hard-working and nice. A student of hers even (consider) her as a mother for his. I (love) her, too because she (be) kind, helpful and patient.

Base all your answers on the text

A. Put the verbs between parentheses in their correct forms in the present simple

B. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY

  1. The author doesn't know Salwa.    
  2. Salwa is married.    
  3. The students are lazy and nasty.    

C. Answer these questions

  1. Who is Salwa?  
  2. What is she?  
  3. What does she look like?  
  4. Where does she live?  
  5. How does she go to work?  
  6. Who is she like?  

D. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?

  1. "their" in line 3   
  2. "them" in line 6   
  3. "she" in line 8   

E. Fill in the chart from the text

Subject pronouns Object pronouns Possessive pronouns Possessive adjectives


Write a paragraph about a special person you love.
Good Luck


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