Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 23 Agenda

    1. Discuss CPU & Motherboard concepts from A+ in Depth Chapter 5
       See Day 22 Agenda,

    2. Complete lab exercise listing bus sizes and speeds and packages for various CPUs.

    Work on Meyers Lab 2.2, Identifying CPU Packages
    (See A+ in Depth, p. 195-198, the Meyers textbook, and the links below)

    Different types of CPUs require different interfaces called ___________, that connect them to
    the motherboard. (See A+ in Depth, p. 195)

    The following links may be useful for the Meyers CPU labs:

    MCMCSE Study Guide- Processors  (

    See ( for a near-complete listing of Intel CPUs.
    See Erols com ( and CPU Socket and Slot Criteria for pictures and info about CPUs, sockets, and slots.

    3. CMOS Options (See A+ in Depth, p. 212-220
    Work on Meyers Lab 4.1: System ROM, BIOS, CMOS, and Other Tools


    Continue studying A+ in Depth, Chapter 5. Have the two charts from Day 21 Agenda (Meyers Labs 2.1 and 2.2) and the fill-ins from Day 22 Agenda ready to hand in on Tuesday

    Work on Meyers Lab 4.1 at home, if you have the lab manual.( Review A+ in Depth, pages 212-224)

    Review Chapter 5 concepts on page 233-235 and vocabulary terms on p. 235. (Look up any words you can't define, but no written definitions need to be turned in, yet.  Instead, write out answers (or prepare flash cards) for
    questions 1-18 on pages 236-238.   We'll review these questions and the vocabulary terms on Tuesday.


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