Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 27 Agenda

    1.   Chapter 5Quiz on Motherboards

    2. Check homework: Meyers labs 4.1/4.2

    3. Review Day 26 fill-ins on memory

    What are SO-DIMMs? (See also, 200-pin SO-DIMMs)

        What is SLDRAM?

       What is a C-RIMM, what is Concurrent RDRAM?

       How fast are current DDR-SDRAM and Direct RAMBUS SDRAM? (Clock multiplier? Bus Speed?)

     4. Continue discussing Chapter 6 memory concepts 

        a)  __________ is an error-checking technology in which every byte stored in RAM has
              either an _____ or an _____ number of "1s."   

              Each byte stored in parity memory uses    ____ bits instead of ____.

              If the parity bit of a byte read back from memory doesn't match the original parity

              state, then  a ______________ is reported.

        b)    ____ is another error-checking technology. How is it superior to parity checking?

                _____________________________________________________________ .

        c) Can memory chips that use technology a) or technology b) be installed on motherboards
            that don't support these technologies? ______________________________________


        d) When shopping for memory chips, you should look at the following criteria
             See A+ in Depth, p. 254-255 :


             _________ or _______





          e) Two ways to determine how much and what kind of memory your system can support
              are _____________________________________    and _____________________


              30-pin SIMMS are installed in groups or banks of ____ chips. Can you mix sizes,
               installing a 2MB and a 4MB module in the same bank? _________.

              72-pin SIMMS are installed in groups or banks of _____.  Can a motherboard have
               more than one bank for 72-pin SIMMS?
               Can you mix memory sizes or speeds in the same bank? ____. Can you install different
               memory sizes in two different banks? _________.  Different memory speeds? ____

              168-pin DIMMS are installed in groups or banks of ____. Can you install different

              memory sizes on the same motherboard? ______. Different memory speeds? _______,

              Mix single-side and double-sided modules? _________
              For RIMMs modules __________________________________________________



        f)   If an ad lists 16-64 SDRAM at $28, then each module contains ______MB of 
            (circle) error-checking | non error-checking memory.

             If an ad lists 64x72 DDR RAM at $159, then each module contains ____MB of 
             (circle)  error-checking | non error-checking memory.

    5.   Chapter 6 question team-contest

    6.   Lab work (time permitting)

    a)   Finish Day 25 agenda fill-ins for User Manual lab.
        b)   Finish Meyers labs 2.1 and 2.3 on removing/reinstalling CPU fan and CPU
        c)   Begin working on DOS Boot Disk Exercise #2.


    Have Day 26 and Day 27 Agenda fill-ins completed and ready for inspection..

    Review A+ in Depth, Chapter 6 on Managing Memory, p. 241-277 for final class discussion.
    Begin reading A+ in Depth, Chapter 7 on Floppy Drives, p. 279-293. Review vocabulary
    key terms on p. 302 and write out answers (or flash cards) to questions 1-7 on p. 302-303



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