Computer Operating Systems

Urban Voice -- Instructor: Lenny Bailes

Day 38 Agenda

    1. Questions from A+ Practice Tests

    2. Chapter 11Concepts: check answers to questions on p. 490-493.

        Burn-once CD technology is called _______
        Burn-many times CD technology is called _______

        Burn-once DVD technology is called ______

        Three burn-many times DVD technologies are ___, ____, ____

        The biggest disadvantage of using tape drives for backup is _______________


      The advantage of tape drives over CD and hard disk media is ________________.

      IDE Tape Drives use the _________ interface. IDE tape drives are usually
      slower/faster than SCSI tape drives.

     Two common standards for tape drive backup cartridges are ____ and _______.

     Two common removable drive standards produced by the Iomega company are:

     _____ drives, which can hold either ____ or ____ MB of data and _____ drives,

     which can hold ___ or ___ GB of data.

    3. Intro to Windows 98 OS (A+ in Depth, Chapter 12)

        a)  The architecture of the Win 9.x operating system is divided into two components:

             the _____ relates to user features and running applications; the _______ (or ____) is
             responsible for interacting with the computer's hardware devices.

        b) To boot the computer, the Kernel modules of Win9.x control ____________________


       c) After the OS loads, the Shell uses two components:

             The User files control________________________________________________

             The GDI files ______________________________________________________

        d)  Applications, such as ______________, request services from the operating system

              through a set of rules called an _________________________________________.

              The applications run in protected pockets of computer memory called ____________.

              The main memory pocket for running Windows applications is called _____________.

              Where do DOS applications run? ___________________ . (See Andrews, p. 498-499)

        e)   Disk access under Windows 9.x is controlled by __________________.

              Plug and Play resource assignments are controlled by ______________.

              The architecture for managing device drivers is called ______________.

       4.    Installing Windows 98
    See class handouts and this link for detailed screen-by-screen descriptions.

               Describe the two basic types of Windows 98 installation:

              __________ install, which ignores a current OS on your hard disk and __________


              _________ install, which _____________________________________________


     5.  Lab Work

    During your lab work, I'll check with you individually on the progress of your oral presentation
    research projects
    . Specifically, you should have your list of topics to discuss and a rough estimate
    of what you'll cover and how much time you plan to spend on each point.

    Examine the AGP slot in your computer to determine if it's AGP 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0.

    Finish installing and testing sound card
    See Day 37 Agenda.

    CDROM drives

    See Day 37 Agenda.

    Meyers Windows 9.x Labs

    Start going through the Win9.x labs in Meyers Chapter 10, beginning
    with Lab 10.1 on page 118 and the supplemental windows lab exercises in our class


    Work on research projects. Have a list of important points related to
    your topic ready for discussion with instructor.

    Continue reading A+ in Depth Chapter 12, Supporting Windows 9x
    Chapter 12 that you want to discuss in class. (Pay particular attenn tion to the
    table on page 521, we'll explore these features in lab sessions.)

    If you have Windows 9.x installed, at home, you may want to go over the
    keyboard shortcuts listed in the table on p.523

    Have answers to ch. 12 questions, 1-18 on p. 563-563 ready for Team Contest tomorrow.

    Take A+ practice tests on the Core Exam. Install the CD in the
    back of your book and see Passitnow, MCMCSE and other websites.


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