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Mystic Underworld Debut Front Cover

Mystic Underworld

Mystic Underworld 2 Front Cover

Mystic Underworld II

A World Within Front Cover

A World Within

Fields of Color Front Cover

Fields of Color (EP)

Dark Cities of Ruin Front Cover

Dark Cities of Ruin

The Recluse Front Cover

The Recluse

Forgotten Neighborhood Front Cover

Forgotten Neighborhood

Roses in the Moonlight Front Cover

Roses in the Moonlight

Dark Lords of the Sith Front Cover

Dark Lords of the Sith

The Defender IV Soundtrack Front Cover

The Defender IV Soundtrack

Annihilator (2015) Front Cover


The Azordon Anthology Front Cover

The Azordon Anthology

Odyssey of Enlargement Front Cover

Odyssey of Enargement

Desert Tales Front Cover

Desert Tales

BX in CLE Front Cover


Sunbuilder Front Cover


Monolith Remains Front Cover

Monolith Remains (EP)

Sunbuilder 2 Front Cover

Sunbuilder II

Nature's Underworld Front Cover

Nature's Underworld

Sunbuilder III Front Cover

Sunbuilder III

Gardens of Eternity Front Cover

Gardens of Eternity

Sunbuilder 4 Front Cover

Sunbuilder IV

Return to Tundra Front

Return to Tundra

Sunbuilder V Front

Sunbuilder V

Sunbuilder VI Front

Sunbuilder VI

Welcome to the Metro Front

Welcome to the Metro

Gardens of Eternity Part II Front Cover

Gardens of Eternity II

Riding my Bike through Cleveland Front Cover

Riding my Bike through Cleveland

The Metro: Part II Front Cover

The Metro: Part II

Sunbuilder VII Front Cover

Sunbuilder VII

Sunbuiler VIII Front Cover

Sunbuilder VIII

BX Front Cover