Political slogans, vol. 3

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Generally progressive and leftist. Copyleft—Take as many as you like!

The age of cost cutting continues. 'Cost,' of course, is a code-word for 'human.'

from Lori's dictionary:
consumer surplus (n.) income realized by consumers by exploiting informational advantages enjoyed over producers.
institution (n.) any human entity which is not a human individual.
institutional surplus (n.) a generic term for consumer or producer surplus.

Most of the slander against human nature derives from confusion between human institutions and human beings.

All social contract theory is slander.

The legitimate struggle in the human experience has always been the struggle of individuals to overthrow their institutions, public and private. The public and private sectors are natural allies. The idea that there is some kind of rivalry between them is a false dichotomy promoted by elites with vested interests in both sectors.

The only thing the intelligence community does competently is the falsification of history.

A vulgar libertarian is someone who thinks the food stamp program came about through the massive political influence of unemployed single mothers, rather than the agribusiness lobby—Kevin Carson

The only way to enforce today's unbalanced copyright laws is to monitor all private communications over the Internet. Today's copyright regime cannot coexist with an open society that guarantees the right to private communication.—Rickard Falkvinge

The difference in effective wealth between a DuPont or Rockefeller and a successful trial lawyer is greater than the difference between that trial lawyer and a homeless bum. Far greater.—Adem Kupi

Invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration—Tom Edison
The history of inventions is 1% historiography and 99% disinformation theory. Advanced disinformation theory.—Lori Lee

The rights enjoyed by a patent-holder are de jure in nature. The advantages enjoyed by a successful trade-secret-keeper are de facto in nature.

If curiosity killed the cat, I wish to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown cat.

The United States Constitution gave Americans the right to patent their inventions. Bill Clinton took from them the right not to.

Any trendy HR yuppie can flatten a hierarchy. Flattening food chains is a worthy challenge.

If it's better to give than to receive, then no wonder nobody wants your stinking charity.

Ronald Reagan, by coining the word 'volunteerism,' turned philanthropy into an ideology.

A notion of 'volunteer-ism' worthy of the name would simply be altru-ism by another name. Reagan was quite explicit about the volunteerist's role in society being that of an unpaid scab deployed against the civil service.

Compared to Bush, Reagan was a flaming libertarian. Reagan humbly proposed to replace America's civil service with an army of unpaid volunteerists. Bush simply re-classified a sizeable majority of the federal civil servants as national security operatives.

I dream of a future in which exploitation is a dirty word.

All people with political careers are sellouts. This is not because they're political people; it's because they're career people.

Socializing is sacred. Networking is profane.

The trouble with economics is its rabid insistence that 'good' is a generic term for goods and services, combined. The bad trouble with the bandwidth-related products industry is its ideological commitment to the ideal that 'service' is a generic term in exactly the same sense.

When playing video poker against one's Tracfone®, a purely probabilistic model is the only strategy that 'works.' When playing real poker against real NT's, it is the only strategy that doesn't work. This fact, of course, works consistently to the advantage of the NT's. Watch your back.

Some days, it's not even worth chewing through the restraints.

Some ideologies insist that monopoly is a poor people's hell and a rich people's heaven. Other ideologies insist that frowning requires more muscular effort than smiling.

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