Impolitical slogans, vol. 4

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The agenda, operating throughout United States history, known as "states' rights," is in no way synonymous with, or conducive to, individual rights.

People who accept states' rights as a cheap substitute for radical decentralization deserve the leadership they get.

People who think or assert that decentralization is dangerous or demagogic in ways that "states' rights" is not are actively and knowingly part of the problem.

The only historic example I know of, of an "understandable" invocation of the "states' rights" ideology, is when then-Governor Mike Dukakis refused to contribute his state's "national" guard troops to the "contra" side of the Nicaraguan "civil" war. I would have framed the issue in terms of civil disobedience, rather than the false virtue that is states' rights.

The only legitimately sovereign entities are individuals, which is to say human beings.

The terms "private sector entity" and "individual with rights" are in no way synonymous. As a point of glaring fact, these two types of entities are natural enemies.

The "don't tread on me" serpent does not represent a state, you moron.

Intellectual property is the enemy of intellect.

The "pants-up" school of transparency is ludicrously irrelevant to those of us who insist on wearing transparent pants.

Chamber of Commerce to Detroit proper: We'll stop boycotting your local economy if you take your public opinion as prescribed.

From Lori's dictionary:
noblesse oblige (n.p.) [F] forgone opportunity to exact collective punishment for sins against ideology.

Two counterfeit appellations: "Democratic Leadership" and "New Labour."

"Progressive conservative" is an oxymoron, as is "compassionate conservative."

Yes, Virginia, de facto social engineering capability isn't outside the technological, financial or organizational capabilities of the Private Sector.

Reaganomics: advanced social engineering designed to economically constrain (i.e. force) human beings to jump higher and higher for more mockingly dangled rewards of smaller and smaller size and shockingly dubious probability of attainment.

Clintonomics: "fast track" authority to impose laissez-faire economic doctrine on any nation state at any time.

Yeltsinomics: "ultra fast track" implementation of an instantaneous conversion from de-jure Communism to de-facto laissez-faire capitalism of the gangsta school. Naturally, it was called "shock therapy."

Villepinomics: force unsustainable levels of risk-tolerance on the people using signed, binding, non-voluntary "contracts," in the name of working with rather than against Natural Law.

Villepinomics: Liberty, Fraternity and Fraternity.

Bushomics: Fraternity, Fraternity and Fraternity.

Hartz Konzept: force any-job-is-better-than-no-job doctrine on the people while simultaneously lowering the minimum wage to €1.

Engleromics: the closest thing to Hartz Konzept possible using 20th century social engineering technology.

Granholmics: a stupidly naïve attempt to rescue the jobs-with-bennies economic model by making Michigan (again) the hub of the Military Industrial Complex. It wouldn't, of course, be the first time, but it would definitely be the worst time. At least REAL fascism was a legitimate target.

Regime change: Enforcing by military means the putative natural law that capitalism is a pre-requisite for democracy.

George W. Bush was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. Dick DaVos was born in the Hall of Fame and thinks his current occupation is "bussinessman."

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