The mathematics of compound joinery.

   Trigonometric and linear algebraic resolutions are studied. A couple of interesting geometric connections are noted as well.

    ANGLE CALCULATORS contains links to Compound Joinery Calculators that employ vector analysis to determine if a compound joint is possible, and return the basic angles required to create the joint. The Excel worksheet Log Angle Generator may be used to evaluate compound joinery related angles; the instructions give two methods of making entries and interpreting returned values.

    Click here to open the Vector Products Calculator .

Sketches of the Mathematical Interpretations

Conic Interpretation.html

Study of a Three-Branch Compound Joint

Irregular Three-Branch Compound Joint

Compound Joinery Essay.doc

Compound Joinery Essay Diagrams.doc
Supplementary Diagrams.pdf

Alternate Convergent Joint Solution.doc
Alternate Convergent Joint Solution.pdf

Extracted Compound Joint Kernel.doc
Extracted Compound Joint Kernel.pdf

Developed Compound Joint Kernel.doc

Desargues Theorem Interpretation.doc