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About me

Hi, I'm G-Zone, and this is The G-Zone. This is my website for all sorts of things, like game reviews and walkthroughs, blogs and whatever else I feel like, really. I'm a big fan of old video games and media, the 80s and 90s being my primary focus. My favorite console is the SNES, with the NES being a close second. I'm also a chiptune musician, and you can hear my work by clicking the big Music button to the left, which will take you to my Bandcamp page. You can support me and my music there if you feel so inclined!

This website is an homage to the websites of yesteryear, when everything was a bit more simple. Back when if somebody wanted their voice heard, they'd just have to make a website and hoppe someone stumbled across it. Well, apparently you've stumbled across this site some way or another. Lucky me! I'm glad you made it. Feel free to peruse the site at your leisure. There's no time limit on it or anything, after all.

Go ahead and click one of the tabs on the left! They don't bite! At least not until I figure out how to program them to...

P.S.: Any screenshots of gameplay footage hosted on this site are taken from emulators running ROMs which I have ripped from my own personal game collection unless otherwise stated. I much prefer playing games on original hardware and only use emulators for specific purposes such as this. I cannot share my ROM files.