The G-Zone!!

Wondering what G-Zone has been up to? Read on...

7/20/21 - Working on updating the site a bit and thought I should post a blog. TruKuu from dabargainbin are going to a big Mortal Kombat event in Nashville, TN on the 24th. I don't play or even really like MK, but I wanna go support TruKuu at any tournaments he may be playing in. Besides, it's being held in a big arcade, and if I can get off of work to go to an arcade with my best friend, the circumstances surrounding it don't matter too much. I also just wrote a cool song for a DOOM wad being made by my friend salamipaste. Oh yeah, and I'm gonna see the new Space Jam with TruKuu and some other friends today. I hope it sucks. Anyways, while you're here, check out my new review of Star Fox 64!

7/18/21 - The website is finally looking pretty good! I've only been up super late the past few nights to pull it off. There's a lot more content on the way and much fun to be had, coming soon to a G-Zone near you!