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  H istory of   L ykosha


We started this project as an experiment, as in: "I wonder if..." This was a rather common type of conversation in certain science-fiction circles, especially those who had intelligent, questioning, scientific types in them.

The question was: "what if wolves had been the dominant species of Earth? Wouldn't the wolfish nature of their ancestors be a part of everything --- even language, or religion, or culture? Families would be different, wouldn't they?

Thus: Lykosha was born… a way to fix what is "not-right" with the world. To keep Lykosha separate from the :other" nationwhose Monarch was its creator, a "persona" was also created, and this person determined to stay the course; whenever dealing with others as that Jarl, only the written Laws of Lykosha and the "personality" of a "two-footed wolf" would be used.

Lykosha asks the question: can we find our old ways again? are the ways of the wolf very human, or are humans very wolfish instead? Who can know?

Originally, a "mythic" history was also developed, but we have learned that most people ridicule what is mythic (considering it fictional), and Lykosha is not about to allow something so trivial as this to deter the success of the experiment. To win out, we needed a clear field. So, despite the fact that others have "created" fictional histories, and no one thinks badly of them for it, we will do otherwise (and: we do not think ill of those "others" who have done so… it is their own decision). It's just an obstacle that Lykosha cannot now afford (*sigh*).


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